Hello everyone! This is a world dedicated to my Comic, Excel in Cipherland! Here I'll be posting things related to my Comic Book! And other things! I hope you enjoy reading Excel in Cipherland and that you also enjoy coming here! Comments and constructive critcism are always welcome!!! Have fun!

A message to the guest posters

Go Green!

I've always loved trees and I've always hated wasting so when I decided to write Excel in Cipherland I decided I would do it in used paper! So I have a folder full of old papers printed on only one side and on the empty side I draw the panels of Excel in Cipherland! Yay! Go green!

BTW, did you notice my new intro? It's me, izuzu15 in the flesh next to my dear desktop that I am so fond of! Dressed in my usual izuzu15 cartoon get up! I'm usually dressed like this while I write and draw E.I.C, so that's why. lol!

See you around, guys! Don't forget to reuse & recycle!

Yet another incredibly easy cosplay

Hahaha!!! It's my Chibi this time!!! The wig can be either short or long because sometimes I have long hair and sometimes I have short hair, but it's ALWAYS a mess and I prefer it short. It's currently short so I chose a short wig for my chibi's cosplay. I do this cosplay everyday. I have plenty of I <3 T-shirts.


I went on vacation for a while. I came back this morning. I built so many little snowmen during this trip!