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Character's Full Name: Alice Marie Eyre
Species: Vampire
Abilities: Super speed and strength
Age: 119-actual age; appears to be 18
Height: 5’6
Hair: Black and dark purple, straight (originally brown)
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Slightly pale,
Personality: Very quiet and mysterious. Doesn’t talk about her past much because she’s lived so long. She’s kind to people she meets. When she sets her mind to something she doesn’t give up which makes her a great fighter when she is battling an enemy.
Looks: She has ear piercings. She has a scar near her right knee from a past battle.
Appearance: She is slightly pale, slender. Very beautiful and graceful.
Outfit/Style: Mostly goth, but sometimes, if urged, she will wear lighter colors. She likes to wear pants and because they’re easier to fight in. She rarely wears dresses or skirts. She also never wears heels unless going out to something formal and she mostly wears laced boots,
Likes: Candy, gymnastics, being out in nature, becoming stronger, reading books, shopping
Dislikes: Being in crowds for a long period of time, getting close to people, being a vampire
Strengths: Makes decisions easily, can tell if someone’s lying or not, very smart from having lived so long
Weaknesses: Because she doesn’t like getting close to people she doesn’t have many friends or allies.
Fears: Water, snakes, stakes of course, and being alone for long periods of time.
Relationships: She is very comfortable meeting new people but doesn’t like to be the center of attention so she doesn’t talk much. She had a brother and a sister who she is slowly forgetting-Christophe and Aurélie.
Family: As previously mentioned, she had two siblings. Christophe was the oldest and was 21 at the time Alice became a vampire. He had been studying to become a doctor in college. Aurélie was one year younger than Alice. She followed her around wherever she went so people often thought they were twins. Her mother stayed home most of the sewing and mending clothes for neighbors for extra money. Her father was a lawyer who spent most of his evenings working late.
History: Alice wasn’t always a vampire. She was a human girl who grew up in Paris, France in 1893. One day, when she was 18, as she was walking home from the market she was grabbed and attacked by a vampire. She tried to fend them off but she was too weak. It happened so fast, it was all a blur. So she has no clue who turned her. When she finally came to and returned home she didn’t know what had happened, only that her neck hurt a little. She continued on with her normal life until about a week later when she started to change and have an unusually craving for blood. She never believed in vampires so she sent the thought to the back of her head. When she asked her mother about it one afternoon, she was sure she was crazy and sent her to be checked out by a physician. They told her she was mentally sick and sent her to live in a mental hospital. She hadn’t drunk blood yet so she began to feel really sick. When they doctor came in she killed him by drinking his blood and escaped the hospital.
Over the next century she has been traveling across the world with a circus called Starry Night. She was into gymnastics when she was dancing so she put her mind to learning the trapeze. She only has to perform at night and when she is not working, she stays in a dark room of the train they travel on. She’s been with the circus for 101 years. She began by cleaning the animal cages and saw one of the performers on the trapeze. She loved how they appeared to be flying so when no one was there she got onto one of the swings but failed, as she had little strength at the time. She later asked one of the trapeze artists to teach her. And she had all the time in the world. She had been satisfying her craving for blood with nearby animals. She didn’t want everyone to know she was a vampire but eventually she had to tell them. She then found out that the entire circus consisted of vampires. She hated being a vampire and wanted to become human again. She disowned being a vampire so many vampires she encountered disowned her. Many times, people tried to kill her off for attacking their animals or other vampires who simply didn’t like her as she was a disgrace to their kind. As she grew as a vampire, her strength and speed increased making her even more powerful.

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