Hello Everyone and welcome to the grand opening of The Noodle House!

This is a place where random things takes place. It can be about food,anime and etc. Too bad I can't serve you all a great bowl of hot ramen to go! Oh well, hopefully that day will come soon.

The Noodle House is now Officially open!

Thanks for coming by and please visit often.

An IMPORTANT question :)

Hey guys,

I recently realized that since I have access to faster internet, maybe I should try downloading some anime episodes, so I can watch them later... :)


Where do you guys mainly watch or download your animes (leagally, I guess..) :D

Thanks alot!!! Yep it was a very important question... XD

Mission Accomplished!!!!

I've reach my goal of making over 4,000 comments!

Thanks to everyone because if you guys didn't have cool stuff like world posts and artwork, I wouldn't have made it :)

Have a good one


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. Lately I have been thinking about my "friend situation".

And I always think about this quote:

"In order to have friends, you must first be one."
~ Elbert Hubbard

Do you guys think this is true like 50% of the time or not at all?
Let just say I follow this saying but I feel like my friends aren't doing the same....Shouldn't everyone think like this if they have friends?

Comments are super appreciated!!!!

Have a good one

For REAL????


I got promoted as an Otaku Legend!

Whoa, it's been three years since I have been on theO! Time just went by so fast, it's so weird.
But, the only disappointing thing was that I didn't reach 100 fanart... Oh well :)

Congrats to those who also got promoted

So I have three more weeks until spring break! & I'm planning to do absolutely nothing during that week :)

...I ran out things to write.....but the only thing in my mind are DONUTS!

I just ate one and I want more... :) I'm sort of hyper now too...

FINALLY, a post about noodles!!!!

I found about this a long time ago... but I still want to share it with you guys :)

Ever heard of a Ramen Burger? Well here it is and I want one... (I probably would make one later... :D)

Here's a link to an article: CLICK HERE

Have a good one and to those who have had one of these awesome burgers, props to you :)