Hi everyone!
I hope you guys are doing well ;)

A lot of things have happened since my last post so I'm gonna be listing things in bullet point,in no particular order.
-My sis and I have been busy with culinary school. I'm working on a baking certificate and I wanted to get it done before I start going for my Masters degree. Cuz once I'm done with school for good, it would be all work from there. I started this year in January and so far it's been awesome. I met a lot of cool people and some not so good, haha but I learned a lot about myself,which is awesome (though sometime annoying. .)! Since I'm baking a lot at school, it have been my creative outlet, so I haven't been feeling the need to draw. It's pretty awesome cuz I get to bring a lot of goodies home and share them with friends and family ;) Also to celebrate xmas at school, our class are doing ginger bread houses to sell! My group is gonna make a gingerbread pirate ship ;)

-halloween was fun. I went trick or treating as corn nuts, the snack ;) but I'm not candy greedy this year and that scared me.

-our oven broke 2 months ago...so we couldn't bake anything, but it's a good thing that we can bake at school. Luckily, last week we ordered a new one and today it showed up. Our dad installed it and now we're ready for the holidays ;)

-I have an Etsy store with my sis and we have been working on orders and it's been pretty neat ;) we just got a custom order and we're so happy cuz we have been working with this customer for the past two years!

-I'll try to draw something before the year ends. I got a brand new prisma coloring pencils this year and I haven't used it yet... ; hopefully I can still pick up a pencil...

-I have been rewatching some kdrama and they are so good. My sis just bought some new series so I'm gonna be looking forward to that.

-I got a bottle of Japanese mayo and it's so darn good...I just wanna put it on everything ;) it's more flavorful, and creamier than American mayo.

-have anyone seen Dr. Strange? It's pretty good, my sis, cousin and I decide to watch it to cheer us up from the election results. Check it out if you like marvel, or need a good movie fix.

-I'm also looking forward to the holidays and my bday. Don't know what I'm gonna do for my bday, but still excited.