Hey everyone!

How have you guys been doing? I am surprise that I have over 120 unread messages in my inbox! The most was like 60... I have been slacking on here. I'm also slacking on drawing and reading Mangas and watching animes.... ;p The last anime series that I saw and actually got into was One Punch Man :) I'm glad that cartoon network was showing it because, I always pass that series and was curious about it but never have the chance to really check it out.

Is anybody gonna check out the new ghost in the shell live action movie? I will definitely gonna try to catch it :)

I'm almost done with culinary school haha but it's gonna be bittersweet.
I have been busy with random things, school and running home errands. I have lots of projects that I wanna work on but yep... I haven't got to them. Hehe.. I have to study for a test so that I could apply for grad school...but I have no motivation to study, so I have to discipline myself a bit better. Time have seems to be flying by pass.

I'm trying to get back to drawing and I'm planning to participate in some of the fanart challenges ;) There are lots of good ones. I tried out one of the adult coloring page that had like intricate details and geometric shapes...arent they suppose to be relaxing?! I find them frustrating cuz the spaces that they want you to color in is too small for the size of the lead...and so I keep coloring outside of the lines -_-

ALSO Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

My sis and I made some cookies for her coworkers for st. pattys day and it was loads of fun :) My decorating skills is getting better :D the cookie shapes are really ninja gingerbread man shapes... but I thought hey why not? They are angry leprechauns who had lost their hats and gold

Have a good one!