Basically, the idea came from MT. There are many groups there which aim to kinda "promote" group members' wallpapers. Here, in theO, we may not receive many comments because the member subscription list is limited in number, so our works will be there in short period only, means : only limited number of people view our works.

To avoid overcrowded-ness here, please submit your own wallpaper which you like the most. One per day each person please.

Important :

* Copy-paste this code to your wallpaper caption : URL=""> Wallers[/URL

* After submitting a wallie, write a guest post in wallers by this :
Post Type : feature.
Title is the title of your wall.
Post body :

- Copy paste this code
IMG]****-by-****-******-**************.jpg[/IMG --> the blank spaces obtained from full-viewing the wall.
- Below the first code, copy paste this URL="******/***">Work name[/URL
- You can write brief descriptions below about the strong points of the wallpaper which might interest the visitors of this world XD

NOTE : I don't put the brackets [ ] in beginning and end of each links (to make the code visible XD) so don't forget to add them.

I'll submit an example.

Please be active~ XD
(not only submitting but please view others' works)

That's all and have fun~

(for anyone who's interested to join, please PM me)

So far, the members I've invited/joined by themselves are :
Aurora Borealis
Angel Zakuro
Support KIRA

My Light

Hey I am actually remembering to make a post on this world when I make a wallpaper!!! ^^;;

It took about 6hrs or so...? I think... I lost track of time... ^^;;
I used a tutorial in the Advanced Photoshop magazine from the UK to help me build thte swirl of light in Sakura's hands. (Mokona was there before)

I used a picture of a dessert to create the falling sparkles...... yeah, wierd but I think it turned out nice.
If anyone is interested in learning exactly how I did that in detail pm me.

I had lots of fun making it too!!! >.<

Thanks for viewing!

External Image


Happily Ever After?

Hi everyone ^__^
it's been some time~ I kinda neglected this world and I feel really bad for that >.< i'll make up for it later xD

Anyway, here's my newest wall :
Happily Ever After?
External Image

The Sun & Moon

External Image

the Sun & Moon

I'm gonna be adding a 2nd version of it soon...


It won't let me put a thumbnail cuz it's too big...but you can click the linkage! XD It's my first vector, plz let me know what you all think!! :3


Magazine cover

External Image

Magazine cover

yay! my first guest post
hope you like my wallpaper, it took me a while to get it done