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While I didn't draw, I did this...

So during the time that I didn't draw, I spent time making figurines and stuff out of polymer clay :)

The no face is a key chain I made for a friend and the Totoro is for my cousin ^^

I made many more but I'll post them up later ^^

If you have the chance come visit my etsy shop The3Citrusteers

There's more to look at and Ramen made them too ^^

Well have a good day everyone :D


Panda Pic of the Day!!!!

So cute!! They look like little onigiri rice balls :)

Haha... I always see this pic whenever I look up pandas. So I'm like why not share it on here ^^

Well, I'm gona go take a quick nap and then head off to class!

Enjoy your day ^^


Have you seen anything like this? 0-0

Today one of my co-worker told me about this mysterious creature that she had seen over the weekend by our workplace. She explained to me that it looked creepy like a gremlin. I was like "Wait a minute... You just used the word "gremlin" to describe it. So was it ugly?" and she shyly nodded(man she's too kind to use the word "ugly" ^^)
She told me that she learned from one of the librarians that it was called an angora rabbit.
I googled it and tah dah! This is what I saw !!!!

I've never seen anything like them....but looking at them closely, they are kinda cute but freaky ^^
Anyway, i wanted to share this with you all XD
Nighty Nite!!!


PANQUEST UPDATE!!!! 3 Spots left!!!!

okay here is the update of pan-quest. 5 little pandas(spots) have been taken. So that means 3 pandas left in the box people! So hurry and give these last three a good home :D ...

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Baby steps :D

Here's what i've been working on ^^ Last weekend my sisters and i watched one of Jackie chan's movie, Robin B Hood. In it has a cute baby. So i th...

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