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PANQUEST UPDATE!!!! 3 Spots left!!!!

okay here is the update of pan-quest. 5 little pandas(spots) have been taken. So that means 3 pandas left in the box people! So hurry and give these last three a good home :D ...

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Hi everyone!
I just decided that i want to give out some free sketches. I'm calling it "free pan-quests", just trying to be creative about the name but idk if it is though :/

Anyway, there are 8 openings, hence the 8 pandas in the box or out of the box ^^
Please if you would like me to draw you something please tell me and i'll add your name onto the list( dont forget to tell me what you want me to draw as well). The first 8 otakuians will be chosen :D
I'm sorry in advance for those who didn't make it, but if this works well for me, i'll do this again. So please don't feel left out :D

Enjoy the day my friends :D