Be Still, My heart!!!

Yo! 'Tis BB-chan!!

I haven't done much of anything in a long time, ne? Yeah... skool and stuff. Though I will have something to post coming soon... in the art section... hopefully for my dear friend. Now...

My heart!! Argh!!! Waaahhhh!!! Every time I see a new game (especially those from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts) I can't help myself. I'll order games that are ten years old and it goes on from there. I just now watched the OP from Final Fantasy Dissidia, since I have Dissidia 012 (I got it a long time ago >.>), and now... this rushing... in my heart! I must have you!!

Yeah... this happened a few days ago as well, I believe... I suddenly had to play FFXII: Revenant Wings (since I love FFXII so flippin' much, it was my first FF game and I fell in love with the gameplay)... dang!! My gamer soul!!! And now... I've bought FFIII, FFIV, FFVII- Crisis Core, FFX, FX-2, Dissidia 012, FFXII: Revenant Wings...and let me not mention Kingdom Hearts. My freakin' warpath is not over!! Oh, I know where this stems from. I always want to know the games that came before. Hmmm. One day I'll stop, ne? Just not today, or next year or the years after that.

Balthier<3~ And I love you too, Basch<3~