Aveyond, anyone?

Yoooooo!! I haven't posted anything in a while.
I'm so sorry. I've been buried under homework. And then there was a few family issues and stuff~ but, I'm back! I'm alive! Spring Break is happenin'!

Has anyone played Aveyond?

Me and my sister, vampirehitsugaya (the evil kitty), have been playing this game since '09. We're waiting for the 4th game (though there are 7 games [3 chapters so far], so technically this one is the 8th) to come out *I'm so excited!* This game is seriously awesome. It's got old style graphics (like KHCoM) and it's an RPG. It's got vampires, witches, whinny princes, people with butterfly wings, fairies, demon tamers, giants, evil stone bunnies, things called orcs, changelings... and a bunch of other crazy things! Go forth! Try it!

It's available through the game website, Shockwave, GameHouse and BigFish games(those are the ones I know).

Man... now I feel like I was advertising...>.<
And I know this is random but ちいくれにゃ! I just could not help it >8D