It's been so long since I've posted... no wait, no it hasn't! I posted um, last week of April, yeah! *feels better*

Anyways, I knew I shouldn't have listened to this video:

I was wondering if I should use this as part of the music for my project (it's a website, and Zack's my image header - yeeeeaaaauhhh!!), but as it progressed on I had to turn away from that idea. This theme... makes my eyes leak water. And of course, whenever I search for Zack on the 'net, mid-way through I'll be bombarded with images from his final stand. And my reaction is always: "STOP TRYING TO HURT MEEEEEEE GOOOOOOGLE (or whatever I'm searching on)"! or it's "DOOOOOUSHITA NOOOOOOOO"!!!!

Ah. I just wanted to say that >XD. Yes, I am shameless in this obsession >8D.