BJDs, anyone?

Whoot! I'm on fai-yah! I only have two more things to finish before my semester is over! YEAH! ALRIGHT! Now if only Acen had happened later, I would've really been pumped...

Ahem! Anyways... I wanted to find out more about BJDs (ball-jointed dolls). I am considering purchasing one (because they are sooooo beautiful!), but I wanted to find out a little more.

The site I want to order from is ~Dream of Doll~, and, more specifically, either Homme Kirill or A&D ver.1 (I also like Luke ver 2- he's just too cute!), but I really have no idea what to really, really expect. Does anyone have one?

He was one of the first BJDs I'd ever seen and I fell in love with him just ♥ like ♥ that ♥. There are also a few others... but man, these BJDs are expensive! As long as it's quality, I suppose :D. The ones from Dollzone and Angelheim are great too~... also Ringdoll has some beautiful ones too... darn it! I CAN'T AFFORD ALL THIS TT^TT.