Kingdom Hearts 3D/Dream Drop Distance Maddness


Here I am again! So, all of us KH fans out there know that the sparkly new KH game will be coming out in July. I don't have a Nintendo 3DS, unfortunately, but I'm going to go preorder KH anyways, not having the right console has never stopped me before! I went and bought a PSP just because of KH: BBS!

Anyways, what I'm posting about is the special preorder edition! Yep, I'm the kind of nerd that will go out and preorder things if I have the money, and if it's alluring enough. I love preorder bonuses! Unfortunately, I'll have to forgo FF: Theatarhythm *bawls*.

Everyone already knows about the three AR cards you get with the regular preorder, right? But recently I've seen that they came out with a BIGGER, BETTER package that I didn't see on Amazon or Gamestop until yesterday (I assume they came out with it on the 22nd? Though I did see May 16th on Nintendo... whatever!)


When I saw this and read the description, I knew this edition had to be mine! I'm going to go preorder it today! HECK YEAH. And then, my KH collection will be complete for the time being... if only they could bring all the Final Mixes to the western hemisphere... WHY, SQUARE?!?!?!

Happy preordering to all of y'all! I can't wait to play this game! Especially since Neku's gonna be in it! I hate Joshua, but Neku's awesome. If only Sho was in it too...~ Ok, well, I'm done with my ranting.