You have survived the devil...~


So... I assume some of you otaku know about Shin Megami Tensei, right? I'd been eying that series for a while now (I'd seen Devil Summoner in a Game Informer add in '05 or '06... somewhere around there, and also I'd seen Persona before hand), but recently I finally decided to buy myself a copy! I bought Devil Summoner 2 (because I was too late to buy the first one, but I shall buy one, oh yeah!). So far, it's keeping me quite entertained... and away from the final battle in Twilight Princess (no, that's just me procrastinating... >.> seriously, I played the shiznits out of that game), and playing Skyward Sword (but I'll be back tomorrow >:D, Link!). Maybe 'cause I'm more comfortable with Nintendo DS than with the Wii- YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!! GYAHHH!!! I'm thinking about procuring some copies of SMT & Persona (the ones on PS2 for now ♥ PS2)...

I really like the main character ("Hero" until you name him- I named him Sho♥), Chief Hotsuin (he's scary, yeah), Joe (heh, he's a funny guy) and Keita (aww, he's so short and cute!)... so far!

I'm giving Devil Survivor a definite thumbs up, yo. It's only been a few days, but I've already spent of lot of time playing it. In fact, it's on right now >.<. I just love these kinds of games (though I initially prefer real-time battles instead of turn-based)! If only there was another Final Fantasy Tactics TT^TT.

Yay, more video games♥♥