New Hope for TWEWY Fans?!?!

Yo!! I know I literally just posted, but...


I read in an Game Informer article that Nomura-sama hinted at a sequel to The World Ends With You!!! I would've fallen out of my chair if I had been sitting in one!! I've loved TWEWY since I first looked at its official website in '08 (and I promptly got it for a gift that following Jan- wooooohoooo!).

I hope that this new sequel will be on one of the DS's (is 3DS good? I don't have one, but I bought KH3D anyways...TT^TT) or possibly... even a PS3 model? I'm not sure how that will work- you'll lose some of the features it had in the first game because of the DS, but it might work on Wii... Nevertheless, TWEWY's a golden game. I only had a minor issue with that game- and I love it like the dickens! Hmm. I'll definitely keep an eye on this, yo. Platforms can be a big deal.

Another question I have is: will he include Neku and company, or will there be a new cast of characters? How about the Reapers? Will the game stay stationed in Shibuya, or will we get to go to, say, Harajuku? I believe that even though Neku is the "face" of TWEWY, the series could quite possibly carry on without him being the front of every game. The story that the first TWEWY started left it open to new characters. But of course, that's just what I think. What I'm trying to say is that I think that unlike KH (♥ ya!), where we most certainly need that link to Sora (or Riku♥), in TWEWY we don't need a link to Neku to move on. Maybe that doesn't make sense >.<. Not that I don't love Neku- I do!

I can't wait to see the sequel! But since it's only a hint, I'll have to hold my horses... but Nomura-sama did say the "The World Ends With You series", so I can't help it! If only they had a TWEWY insider, like they do KH (thank you khinsider and neoseeker for keeping me up to date!). Alright, yo. My rant is over :D!