Nothing Left. Overwhelming pathos.


What a dismal title, ne? It's just that I've been playing a lot of games lately, primarily FFXIII now and SMT:DS2 (since I'm running away from the Eldin Silent Realm in LoZ:SS...). ANYWAYS, I just made it to Oerba in FFXIII. And I just had to post this song.

Listen to it, and experience the emotion! This song... I'm not very emotional and I'm not one to tear up easily, but looking at the desolate Oerba (after knowing what Fang and Vanille were expecting... but seriously, it's been more than a few centuries couldn't expect that much) and listening to this song made me want to burst into tears! It sapped the strength right out of me! I horde CP, but I didn't even want to do that. It was just so sad. And beautiful. I mean, everything's in ruins, there's Cie'th everywhere, an unforgiving sun casts soft orange light over the ruins, crystal sand is all over the place, the plants remain green as ever, the ocean sparkles in the distance and the windmills are still moving... Gah! Just listen to it!