Distant Worlds? WTF?

Yo... yeah, I haven't really felt like posting anything in a while, but this... I just needed to say something!

So... FF:Distant Worlds (happy 25th anni!) is performing in two weeks on Dec. 7th in Rosemont, IL. I literally just found out about it today when I was checking up on the con I'll be attending in May. Wtf! Man, had I known about this earlier in the year, I would've bought tickets! *yells a stream of ridiculously absurd curses, then goes to cry in the corner*

Anyone going? Please, share your beautiful experience with me... Of course, the composer, Nobuo Uematsu and the conductor, Arnie Roth will be there. Yes, I'm one of those fans who would freeze up and probably pass out if I got to sit near them, oh well. Maybe it's for the best XD. Yeah... don't wanna have to embarrass myself like that. Especially if Zack's Final Stand came on the screen, wtf.