Well hai thar ^^

Seems like you've stumbled across my blog! Well, I guess I'll give you a little information about myself:

Name (the one to be used for this blog's purposes): Mattie
You could also call me UM, um-chan, or whatever nickname you have for me.

Age: 17

Gender: 1/7 Female, 6/7 Male

Birthday: 9/3

Obsessions: Hetalia, Coldplay, video games (Nintendo mostly), drawing, writing, roleplaying, Let's Plays

Have fun wandering through my blog! BUT WAIT! It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! (hands you a hockey stick) ^^


Look at all the times I've been on the front page! :D SO HAPPY

Is It Done?

Mood: Cautious
Listening to: My dog
Today's Word: Ahoge
Today's Video Game: SoulSilver


I think the pirate invasion might be over...I haven't been attacked all day...my last appeal might have worked!!! (dances)

My "fool-proof" homing maple grenades have been foiled...by a bunch of stupid scones...

I'm currently dressed up as Matthew Williams right now...my cosplay fails >///< I'll take fail pictures eventually...maybe...

Short post today cuz I'm in the middle of yelling at my British boyfriend in French. Tata~!


Yohoho and a Bottle of Maple Syrup

Mood: Accomplished
Listening to: Pokemon music
Today's Word: Lasagna
Today's Video Game: Pokemon SoulSilver


I accomplished quite a few things today! ^^ So, in order, today I:

1. Made Mattie's feminine levels jump by drawing him in pirate clothes. I like drawing him with exposed shoulders... >///< It's like awkward shirtless Mattie but not really? ^^;

2. Made Arthur's arrogance levels jump by drawing him laughing in a bold, pirate-y way...you know, AHAHAHAHAHAHAspain.

3. Successfully RPed Mattie as being extremely angry, something very hard for me to do ^^; He was being extremely defensive...he probably didn't have his syrup today...

4. Hit someone with a maple grenade! TAKE THAT, ARTHUR! (does victory dance)

5. Drew France as being adorable...again...

6. Saved an Eevee from an unspeakable fate in Pokemon trafficing (trafficking?) by winning her at the Celadon Game Corner. YES, I ACTUALLY PLAYED VOLTORB FLIP UP TO 6,666 COINS (collapses)

And that's about it ^^; Oh, I also managed to get my Umbreon killed twice, but we don't need to talk about that...

You know what I DIDN'T accomplish, though? ...Finishing my Pirate!Iggy fic... TT~TT Screw it. I'll just become a pirate.

...My mom just said something about me smashing into a door...what?




Mood: Still depressed-ish
Listening to: An LP
Today's Word: Exhaustion
Today's Video Game: Okamiden


So nothing really important happened after my Okamiden venture... I felt kinda empty the whole day >///<

I leave for Japan on Friday...I've been looking forward to it, but I'm suddenly realizing that I won't be able to contact people for ten days...and then the week I get back I go to the shore...and then the week after that is band camp...and then my summer is basically over TT~TT

I haven't done my summer work!! (headdesk) I think I lost the page that told me what books I needed...one was Huckleberry Finn? (gags)

I should probably stop going to bed on time...I went to sleep at 10:45ish yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night twice...but the people that I usually talk to on aim are both on vacation right now and not here to keep me up all night and on my sleep pattern...I've been sleeping out of BOREDOM. >//<

The pirate attack continues...I'm really drained. I should probably sleep...

Tata~! ^^;


I'm Such a Matthew...

Mood: Depressed


Just a quick post, I'm going to post again after other stuff actually happens today, but HOLY CRAP.

I finished Okamiden... I'm going to try to be vague and not spoil too much, but here's my thoughts on it. If you want to be completely in the dark about this, please don't read on ^^; But anyway...



You know what really, really sucks? Watching your favorite character die. You know what sucks even more than THAT?! GUESS WHO HAD TO KILL HIM!! (headdesks repeatedly)

I hate myself so much...

And of course, they dragged out the death sequence for twenty minutes and projected pictures of your time together up around him and everyone was crying and I was sitting there bawling at Mattie and shouting at him... And then of course, they throw up another sad cutscene. And then the credits sequence made me bawl...cuz my favorite character was there and he looked so happy...

And then my mom walks in on me bawling my eyes out and looks at me like I'm insane...

GUESS WHAT GUYS! THERE'S A NEW GAME PLUS! (stuffs face into pillow) I'll probably play it again anyway...and bawl my eyes out again...It took me three playthroughs to stop bawling my eyes out at the end of Okami, and no one dies...

Alright, excuse me while I read rps to cheer myself up...Thank god for Hetalia, right? ^^; ...I might need some aisu as well TT~TT


I'm a Hermit!

Mood: Slightly tired
Listening to: More Zelda!
Today's Word: Anti-social
Today's Video Game: Super Paper Mario


I was attacked by pirates again...

And I haven't finished Okamiden yet cuz I've been watching youtube all day...

I've left my room maybe four times today... -_-;

So I spilled juice all over my bed...But, unlike last time, where I got Pepsi all over the place, this was NOT MY FAULT. (My mom was mad at me anyway >///<) Somehow, my stupid pillow got attached to the lamp that's on the nightstand right next to me bed. So when I pulled on my pillow to straighten it, it knocked the lamp over, which knocked the juice over, which led to me, my pillow, my jacket, my sheets, and my marshmallow gun getting soaked with mango peach of death.

My mom brought up two copybooks today that I wrote in ages ago. One was just a collection of quotes and stuff, but it was one that I planned to fill with cut-outs of video game characters so now I'm back on that. The other had about a page and a half of a Super Paper Mario fanfic I wrote. GEEZ was it depressing... >///< It was a MimixDimentio thing, and it was Mimi's reaction to the final boss battle, and it was sad...I'm surprised I wrote something that depressing...

...Then again, some of our rps lately... ^^;

I HATE SUPER PAPER MARIO but the characters and the story are great! It was just the rest of the game that ticked me off! That deserves a full-out rant that maybe I'll post someday... But now I'm in a Super Paper Mario mood...God, I love Dimentio. So much. <3 He reminds me of Iago...

Anyways, off to continue cutting video game characters out of magazines! Tata~!