Quizzing Myself: Which Evil Pokemon Team is the Best?

Because this is what I do with my spare time.

I've decided it's time for me to finally settle the internal debate that has been going on in my mind: WHICH EVIL POKEMON TEAM IS BEST TEAM?! I'm going to ask myself a ton of questions and answer them in long and probably convoluted ways that will help me figure out the true answer to this question. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO~!

Coolest Name?
Oh geez, already a tough one...I think I'm gonna go with Galactic on this one. I just really like the way it sounds, like, "I belong to Team Galactic!" Plus, every other team name is two syllables: Rock-et, Aq-ua, Mag-ma, Plas-ma. Galactic dares to be different! And who doesn't dig the space age?

Coolest Outfit?
Oh, Magma all the way. Without a doubt. They're wearing demon hoodies. DEMON HOODIES. I WANT. I also dig the pants the guys wear. Especially Tabitha's <3 And kinda not exactly what the question means, but Maxie's outfit is HOT. Neo Team Plasma is a close second, though.

Coolest Goal?
Another answer without a doubt: Galactic. Galactic wants to destroy the entire world and create a new one. Create an entirely new world? That beats money, land, water, and power I mean Pokemon liberation ANY DAY. I mean, Team Rocket is just the mafia, Team Aqua and Magma really have good intentions at heart, and Team Plasma is PETA. Team Galactic (though I guess they kinda have good intentions at heart as well) was the only team that really struck me as having a legitimately threatening and scary plan. And some of the stuff they do is incredibly sinister - ripping out the gems of the Lake Trio? DUDE. WHAT.

Coolest Preferred Type?
Well, I guess this kinda comes down to that whole "What's your favorite Pokemon type?" things...but Team Magma takes this one. I love Fire types. Love them. Ground types are cool, too, though I always considered that Giovanni's thing more than Magma's. But yeah, Fire types are freakin' awesome. LOOK AT THE NUMEL. (holds Numel in front of your face) ISN'T IT CUTE?!

Coolest Headquarters?
Sorry Galactic, it was close, but you were beaten out by Team Magma. A base INSIDE a volcano? Hell yeah, that takes BALLS, man! Living inside an active volcano is like...well...living inside an active volcano...yeah... Team Plasma also deserves an honorable mention, because that castle was SICK.

Coolest Admin?
Mars. Coolest admin ever. She's got a kickass outfit, a great personality, epic hair...I just love her! One of if not my favorite character from Generation IV. Proton and Petrel were both close seconds for Team Rocket.

Coolest Boss?
This...was tough...I was incredibly torn between Maxie and Cyrus. I think, in the end, I have to give the title to Cyrus...Sorry, me!! TT~TT But Cyrus has something that Maxie doesn't have, and that's the darkness of his personality. Cyrus's brain has been rather obviously twisted up a few times. He's charismatic and everything - his admins love him, and his grunts worship him - but he's also incredibly manipulative. Insanely manipulative. And then the whole Distortion World thing in Platinum...It's dark. Really dark. AND I LOVE IT.

Coolest Takeover Location?
Well, this was somewhat of a tough choice? Kinda. The Goldenrod Radio Tower fought hard at my mind, especially with the way you sneak in, but I knew in my heart all along that Galactic had to take this one with Spear Pillar. I mean, I guess it's only KINDA a takeover...I mean, who was going to defend the top of a mountain? But it was still absolutely epic. And calling the legendary Pokemon was awesome. And if we stretch this a little (like I sorta did already in my mind) and make it the "final showdown location"...DISTORTION WORLD RULES ALL.

This is turning into the Galactic and Magma show...

Coolest Hideout Music?
Oh wow, a winner who's not Galactic or Magma? Yes, Team Rocket (from Gold and Silver) wins this one. It was tough; Galactic came pretty close with their Veilstone base music. But I just love the GSC Team Rocket hideout music. <3

Coolest Battle Music?
HOLY FRICKIN MEW. TEAM GALACTIC. YES. I legit had a spaz the first time I heard this music. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I love it. I adore it. Bwah <3

Coolest Boss Music?
Once again, Galactic and Cyrus take this one. Cyrus's theme is just...hlgkdghkshgkjs (fangirls) It's hard to describe, really. But I love it! <3

Best Comic Relief?
Team Magma wins this one. In Emerald, they leave a notice at the Space Center, something along the lines of, "Hello, how are you doing? We are fine. We're coming to take your supply of rocket fuel, so please don't try to stop us!" Seriously, what? XD I'm wondering if it was Tabitha or Maxie's idea...

...I've run out of categories...well, if anyone thinks of some, please tell me? :3 But at this point, the final score is...

Galactic: 7
Magma: 4
Rocket: 1
Aqua and Plasma: 0


What's your favorite/in your opinion, the best team?

[EDIT]: Thanks to Darkarax for suggesting Coolest Preferred Type and Coolest Takeover Location! Sorry Team Rocket didn't really advance with either of them ^^;