Nickname: People tend to call me Arti or Artie for my constant doodling and love for art. Got the nickname as a kid and it stuck with me since

Age: The 'same as any other age not sweet' 16

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Um obviously kind of tall, brown sort of long hair and brown eyes, sort of tan skin and thin

Personality: Honestly I'm a confusing person. I am generally loving and happy. I act like a little kid sometimes and find joy in the smallest and simplest things but its mainly because I've learn to be happy and grateful for everything. I'm the kind of person that laughs until I cant breathe just because somebody said something in a funny way or with a funny expression, the kind of person who laughs until they cant feel their face watching America's Funniest Home Videos ^-^ Unfortunately I can also be really rude, sarcastic and very blunt a lot of the times as well, especially when somebody offends the people I love, I'm protective that way (everyone has their faults right?")

Interests: I LOVE to write more than anything in the world but I also really love to read and draw. I'm a huge soccer fan. I watch and play it. I'm one of those extreme sports fans that yells at the tv as if the players can hear me. I also love music with all my heart and dont think I could ever live without it. I listen to all kinds of amazing music, EVERY (and I mean every) genre. And I dont mean any of that Nicki Minaj or Drake garbage (no offense to their fans). I mean good music like Paramore, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Superchick, Eminem (not as often but on occasions), Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, B.O.B (great messages for a rapper and no cursing), Luciano Pavarotti (yes even opera sometimes), Beethoven & Vivaldi (I love the piano) and even songs from anime sometimes like Diver from Naruto. I will listen to any beautiful music and any meaningful lyrics

Manga: Too many to list but here are a few: Inuyasha, Fruits Basket (my very first), The Wallflower, Dengeki Daisy (amazing!), Beast Master, Crazy Girl Shin Bia (really good), kaichou wa maid-sama and Yotsubata(One of my Favorites by far! It's total classic and hilarious)

Anime: Not too many really unless Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Yu-ghi-o count from when I was a kid. I'm still watching Naruto (My Favorite of all) and Black Butler. I've seen Squid Girl, Clannad, Code Geass, Kaze No Stigma, Inuyasha, and Death Note(one of my favorites).

Well that's all I can think of for now. Hope I dont bore everyone too much. Thanks for taking the time to read this

So Lazy!

I realize that I've gotten lazy. I feel like I was so much more energetic and had more time last summer. Now Im lazy. I just kind of walk around and raid my fridge -_- Man, it's gotten bad. I dont just raid my fridge. I just kind of open i...

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Glued to the Screen

My mother has this way of randomly deciding we should clean. Well yesterday was one of those days and in doing so, or rather pretending to do so, I came across a large box that was pretty heavy and when I opened it I found my old gamecu...

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Finally Back (again)

So frankly life has been hectic and I havent gotten to do anything fun with my life lately so now Im throwing away all responsibility (maybe not all) and writing and editing pictures more because frankly any more stress and I may explod...

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Its Been So Long

Man I've been gone for what feels like ages.I blame school! Its slowly driving me insane -_- Anyway I'll come back. I know Ive been MIA but I'll be around m...

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I Finally Feel Better!

I'm cured! Sort of that is. But now that I am feeling better I have more time to focus on school work. Looks like this was a lose-lose situation but at least I have the energy to do the work now. Which reminds me I have more homework to do. ...

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