I feel dead! I'm not even sure that makes sense but it's how I feel. I'm exhausted and my nose is stuffed. My throat burns, my voice is demented and I just feel so tired. I must have sneezed at least 3 times in each class period today. My class got tired of saying Bless You and finally gave up around period 4 -_- I had to stay later today and that didnt help at all.

For some reason I dont feel like eating either. The sight of food makes me nauseous which really sucks for someone like me that loves food! I HATE being sick! I hate it so much.

I'm just glad that I have my warm fuzzy sweater, my gym sweatpants and lots of blankets to keep me warm. Wish me luck getting over this because I seriously feel so gross. My heads left me by the way and I keep making the dumbest mistakes. I misspelled tap in class today -_- How does that even happen?!! I must be an idiot or something (I bet this whole thing doesnt even make any sense). I have to do my physics homework but I just dont feel like it! UGH! Have I mentioned that I hate being sick?

Now that I've taken up you're time (sorry ^-^) my rant is over. I'm taking some medicine and going to bed early.

Bye. Adios. Arrivederci. Sayonara. Au Revoir. Zai Jian. Auf Wiedersehen

Ok enough of that -_- Bye people