Ok so something I never thought I'd like in my life, my friend has gotten me hooked on to the point where I havent listened to anything else!

I was judgmental like one of my friends where if it sounded weird I wasnt going to even give it a second thought. But I love music and honestly I dont care what language the song is most of the time as long as the music or message is good. For Kpop I was a bit unsure but my Asian friend kept bugging me to listen to it and she promised I'd like it. She tried giving me a Kpop song that was in english which I agreed to and liked a bit. The song is called Stop Girl by UKiss for anyone interested.

Then she slowly eased me into Korean songs. She started off by recommending music that she knew I'd fall for no matter what. And she automatically told me to listen to a rookie group called BAP. I kind of rolled my eyes and said sure why not. I searched their debut song and when I listened to it and watched the video I was like WOW! I listened to their debut song, Warrior all day every day for about a week(link at the bottom) and I slowly fell in love with their music and the members.

As of now I love Bang Yong Guk the most(deep voice, rapper) and I also love Zelo (other rapper) because he's like the little baby of the group (I'm older than him!) and he's just adorable ^-^ My friend is in love with Daehyun (lead singer)and I am almost in love with him too. I've never heard somebody sing like him! He can reach any note and it's so amazing! I wont neglect the other members. They are Himchan, Youngjae and Jongup. Honestly they are all amazing but I picked favorites so I'm sorry guys ^-^

I'll let their music speak for them. Zelo is the one with the curly hair. Zelo and Bang start off the song and Daehyun is the chorus (hes wearing the blue jacket) Himchan is the one behind bars -_- (yeah bad description sorry, Youngjae is the one with his hair to the left and the other is Jongup. (Seriously Sorry for the bad descriptions. I kind of neglect the other members a bit but I love them all I swear!!!)

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments on what you think of them or on any questions of the band. I know everything!