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Attributes of a TimeChaser: Witty, sarcastic, opinionated, loyal, sometimes spaztacularifically geeky.

Chasing Time for: 32 years

Nicknames, Aliases, Pseudonyms and Nom de plumes: TC, Toki, Times, Chase, Timey Boy, Old Man

Interests: Music, Scifi/Fantasy, Anime, Science, History

Major Fandoms: Doctor Who, MythBusters, Top Gear

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Recognition Feels Good

Things we learned from yesterday's post: FEAR CANADIAN SPACE ROBOTS! D: Next time I go to Best Buy, I'm going to have to talk to someone about Kurau and NHK, because they still aren't carrying them even after the releases w...

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Night Flight

Just a few minutes ago, the space shuttled launched on a mission to the International Space Station. We've had night launches before, but never one this early in the morning as far as I can remember, so I was a bit excited. Unfortunately, ...

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Tin Man DVD!

Yup, this Tuesday, SciFi Channel's Tin Man miniseries will be out in a 2-disc Collector's Edition DVD set! It's said to have over an hour of features, so you know what I'll be watching first after I get it =P To add to my ...

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Requests: Denied!

I decided to rename my world. "TimeChaser's World" just seemed a bit too generic, so I went with "TimeChaser's Quantum Hub" instead: Quantum for the whole Time/Doctor Who thing, and Hub for the name of Torchwood HQ. Moving my iTunes folder...

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Speed Grapher & CarBoats Finale

As you can see, I had a bit of fun modifying my world some more. I added a background. It's from Doctor Who. I was shocked but immensely pleased to learn that Speed Grapher started on IFC tonight. I had assumed they wouldn't play it unti...

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