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Attributes of a TimeChaser: Witty, sarcastic, opinionated, loyal, sometimes spaztacularifically geeky.

Chasing Time for: 33 years

Nicknames, Aliases, Pseudonyms and Nom de plumes: TC, Toki, Times, Chase, Timey Boy, Old Man

Interests: Music, Scifi/Fantasy, Anime, Science, History

Major Fandoms: Doctor Who, MythBusters, Top Gear

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Version Vibrant, TimeChaser's World: Post #1

Wow... hard to believe it's actually here. Finally, at last, Version Vibrant. And the innaugural post of my World.

Seems fitting that we just got the PC back from repairs tonight. I'd rather be doing this on my nice desktop than my lame laptop.

Didn't find Kurau or NHK at Best Buy, AGAIN! Perhaps their orders are late due to ADV's rescheduling. I was able to snag Mushi-shi, Hell Girl, and Origin: Special Edition. I'll watch Origin tomorrow, been wanting it for ages.

I'll look for Kurau and NHK when I go back for Witchblade next week.

Not much else to say right now, still getting over the shock and awe. I'll be back to post again when I've figured everything out around here, with some more Top Gear fun for everyone =P

And Loyal readers, keep your eyes peeled for The Watercooler. I'm going to tackle that next, at least get it registered tonight.