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Poindexter Upgrade: Denied!

Its been about two or three years since my last eye exam, so I finally got one today. During the testing I thought for sure I'd need to get glasses this time, because I didn't think I was doing as well, and one eye seemed to be blurrier than the other. But nope, my amount of correction is still so small that its not even possible to make lenses for it. So, no glasses this time either.

You never expect it to happen...

Been some crazy local news today. Turns out someone at my old university was planning a mass shooting attack. It didn't work out though, and the guy took his own life, but they found improvised explosives, guns and lots of ammo in his room, as well as detailed plans about what he intended to do.

Its just one of those things, we hear about mass shootings but never expect it to happen near us, or to us. I'm glad things turned out well in this case, it could have been terrible.

Diving With the Stars

I have seen an advertisement today for a new show that has broken my brain.

As if things like Dancing With the Stars weren't enough, now there's one called Splash, which appears to be a diving competition with B-list celebrities.

What? What!?

This doesn't even feel real. It sounds like something that would be in an SNL skit about weird TV show ideas coming out of a writers' meeting. I'm getting more concerned that life, when it comes to TV, is imitating bad art.

I'm alive... barely.

So... that was (not) fun.

I went up to the hospital on Tuesday for them to do the bronchiscopy. We were naive enough to think we'd go home after this. But just like what happened in 2011, they discovered some things that concerned them so they decided to keep me in the hospital.

They wanted to perform and embolization, which means they did a cath procedure (going up into my circulatory system by entering through an artery in my groin) in order to locate the source of bleeding and seal it up with tiny beads. Unfortunately when they got into my lung, due to my unique anatomy they encountered a tangle of veins that was very hard to navigate. So rather than trying to be precise and reach the exact location, they released the beads upstream in the hope they would reach their destination.

Well... this had an unintended side effect. Some beads must have gone the wrong way or something,and there's been some blockage somewhere in the bloodflow to my right hand. When I woke up from the surgery, my hand was completely numb and looked purple. Bloodflow has slowly returned to most of my fingers now, but the index and thumb are still taking their time, and there's generally a lot of pain when using my hand. And since I'm right handed, having this hand rendered useless is a problem for me.

In addition to this, they put in a permanent type of IV that winds in all the way to my heart, so I can be given a regimine of IV antibiotic for the next few months. I hate IVs and I've never had to have one in this long, so I'm not looking forward to it.

On top of all this, it turns out I most likely have a hernia as well, so that'll be even more surgery in the near future.

I'm alive, but on the whole I'm not very happy these days. -_-


I want to thank everyone who's commented and given me encouragement. I'm feeling better after a few days back home. My stomach has calmed down, my appetite is getting back to normal, and I feel more human after some solid nights' sleep.

Keba: Its OK if we really aren't well acquainted, I appreciate you taking the time to express your concern for me. =)

lucifer's wife: Typing is probably the least painful thing for me to do since at least some of my fingers are working without much pain right now. ^^

bellpickle: I hope your friend gets better too. As for me, time till tell if any of this does any good. I hope it does.

Beth: Send more cookies. ;) *hugs*

Pleiades: Its always taxing. Dad stayed up there with me the whole time, and mom and the cat were here at home keeping each other company. But we've done it many times, so though its never easy, we're a bit numbed to it too.

Schultzie: Any Rush swag will be gladly accepted. ;) Hope things are well with you.

(If anyone's wondering I'm not just replying in the comment box, my Firefox has gone insane recently and most of the tiem its opens as a full window I can't write any comments or replies in, and even when it opens normal the Reply button doesn't work. I don't know if its this new laptop. Its not even a month old and it started to screw up right away. Lots of mouse issues, and I despise Windows 8. We need to take it in for exchange.)

I'm NOT Ok

I had another check-up at the Shands Hospital clinic yesterday, and the new bacteriologist I'm seeing about my lung infection voiced some concerns that definitely made us wake up and take notice.

Since the infection flared up again back in 2011, we've noticed a steady increase in the frequency and severity of my hymoptisis (coughing up blood). When the doctor said in some rare cases this could get so worse it could threaten my life... lets just say my stomach sank into my shoes.

I got a CT scan yesterday, and the doctor definitely noticed something on the scan. We'll have to talk to them and schedule a bronchioscopy, so I'll probably be going back up there again soon. They want to do this to get a look in the lungs and also get samples for culture. It could be that the original infection is resisting the antibiotics, it could be a secondary new infection, or it could be a fungal infection. The bottom line is, they want to cover all the possible reasons why I've been having such a regular frequency of bloody coughing.

I certainly hope they find out what else might being going on and that we can do something about it. I'm already upset that this infection has robbed me of much of a life for the last few years. The last thing I want it to do is kill me too.