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Easter and Acupuncture

I guess it's time to update on my life again.

I was able to get up on Easter and go to the church service. The choir performed, so I didn't have to sit through a sermon (which suits me fine). I really went to see people and say hi, because it's been 2-3 years since I last went to church on a regular basis. Afterward we went out to lunch.

In yet another attempt to find something that can maybe help me get a bit healthier, I've started going in for acupuncture. My dad started on it for his arthritis and says its really helped him. I'm not a fan of needles, but its not so bad really. They're very thin, and I mostly don't feel them go in except one or two that'll sting for a moment. The annoying part is just laying there for 25 minutes.

And Pond has now claimed my lap. >83

Grandma's Gone

She passed away very early this morning. My dad and my uncle were with her at the time. I'm glad she finally went, I hated seeing her just laying there in that bed in her state...

Various relatives have been arriving and we'll have a private family get-together to remember her.

I want to thank everyone here who shared their sympathies with me.


Things have finally slowed down here. The last groups of family members returned home today.

I guess now it's just a matter of getting used to grandma being gone. It was easy to overlook when there were so many people here.

Thanks again to everyone who commented with their concern and sympathies.

Grandma in the hospital

Today is not a good day...

My dad found my grandma face down in her swimming pool. We think she was only that way for a few minutes but she's in emergency right now in critical condition.

I'll update when I know more.

Right now I'm just trying not to think about it...


The doctors decided to chill her for 24 hours, bring her body temp down to protect her brain. But they can't do an EEG until tomorrow after they bring her temp back up. So for now it's more waiting to hear any news.


After waiting a few days for grandma to warm up and then for all the sedative to leave her system, they finally did an EEG on her. Unfortunately it showed no activity, just a flat line. Any movements she showed were just reflexive. After a family phone conference last night, everyone agreed to take her off the machines today (as per her wishes)....

But Ma's always been stubborn. Her lower brain functions are still going. Heart's still beating and she's breathing on her own. So now the talk has shifted to bringing her home. I feel very awkward about this. I'd rather she go peacefully now than just lay around unable to do anything... I don't know how this will end at this point.

Oh yay, political ads...

Although November is still far away, its primaries right now in Florida, and I've already seen a few political ads. I'm not really looking forward to the mudslinging and finger pointing, this year especially. My mute button is going to get a work-out for sure.

Doctor Who Film Tonight

It may be too late to point this out to anyone interested, but tonight at 1:15 AM EST on Turner Classic Movies is the 1966 film Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD. This is one of two films from the 60s based on early Doctor Who episodes, starring Peter Cushing (of Hammer Horror fame) as an eccentric scientist named Dr. Who who invents the TARDIS.

This is, as far as I know, the first time this film has aired on this channel. I'm pretty psyched. I've seen the first film, but not this one.