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New teeth... That's weird.

So I had to go back to the dentist today to get the decay issues taken care of. I thought maybe it was just a couple of teeth, but I guess it was more widespread, because work was done on practically the entire upper row. So I've had my teeth filled in and ground down where needed. I'm slowly getting back to normal; the left side of my upper lip is still puffy from the Novocain.

I have Castle

Season 3, on DVD. Boo-yah.

Speaking of Castle, I saw the Derrick Storm graphic novel from the Season 3 finale in the bookstore. First the Nikki Heat books get published for real, and now this. CASTLE BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL OF REALITY!

I also have a larger litter box for Pond, because she's getting a bit big for the other one, as evidenced this weekend when she missed the mark... >>; The old one will go over to grandma's house, so she has a toilet for the times we take her there.


For about a month, the breaker for our kitchen and dining room lights has been busted, and dad has repeatedly failed to take the time to repair it. Well, no one bothered to give a thought about the big freezer in the laundry room, which for some reason is on the same circuit. I guess it was a well-sealed freezer, because it's been off the whole time and we never smelled anything. Unfortunately... >>;

Breaking the Fourth Meme

And for a fourth round, tagged by Ace.

1: What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I don't know. *flung off the bridge*

2: Who's your favorite PERSON?

Real or fictional? Fictional: The Doctor. Real: Oh heck, idk... I'll say my grandma.

3: What was your favorite dress-up/Halloween/cosplay costume?

I dressed up as the Fouth Doctor a lot as a kid, but my favorite would have to be the year I did Sherlock Holmes.

4: What was your favorite TV show as a child?

I watched a lot of TV, but I'll single out The Muppet Show, because Jim Henson rules.

5: What is your current favorite TV show?

I'd normally say Doctor Who, but this time I'll say MythBusters, because I can watch any episode anytime.

6: What is your favorite PIXAR movie?

Looking at the list of Pixar films, I realize I haven't seen most of them. I'll go with Toy Story.

7: Do you think that Jar-Jar Binks ruined everything out of his own sheer stupidity or did he have actual malicious intent?

Sheer stupidity.

8: Do you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Not when their chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear. Surprise, fear, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope...

9: What's your favorite flavor of cake? "Pie" is not a cake.

I like lemon cake.

10: What's the coolest piece of nerd swag you own and why does it mean so much to you?

I like my nerd swag, but I don't think there's one piece I love above all else, although I enjoy wearing my Doctor-and-Amy-peeking-through-the-Crack shirt.

11: Who is the greatest villain of all time, from any piece of fiction you've ever enjoyed?

Probably Davros from Doctor Who, because he's the ultimate mad scientist. How can you get any more evil than creating the Daleks, who's sole reason to live is to destroy all other life?

No more tags. I'm done. :V

Once, Twice, Three Times a Meme

Tagged for a third time, by NightBeck.

1. Is there a show that you've watched most/all of and regret wasting your time on?

I don't know. I tend to drop things that that I feel are just wasting my time. One show I was determined to finish though was Azumanga Daioh. I'll get butchered for this probably, but I didn't like it. Sure, there were some funny bits, but it was just too slow and I felt like it was beating me over the head with a Tomo stick all the time.

2. What was your most surreal moment recently?

Watching the Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler" and seeing Amy and Rory's friend Mels regenerate into River Song, which was totally unexpected.

3. Car, bike, or public transportation?

I prefer to have the privacy of a car. Plus you can crank up the stereo as much as you want.

4. If you could have one skill, what would it be?

The on-the-fly resourcefulness of MacGyver.

5. What's your theme song?

Doctor Who Theme

6. In your opinion, what city has the best cuisine?

I've never traveled to many other cities, but from what I see on TV, I think I'd like to go to Philadelphia and have a cheesesteak.

7. What video game could you play over and over again?

I don't usually play video games, but when I did I could always play Mario Kart and not get bored.

8. You are given a robot that can be programmed to do one chore for you. Which would it be?

Do the dishes. I'm pretty bad when it comes to getting that chore done. That seems a waste of a good robot though.

9. What's your favorite way to spend $20?


10. What's your least favorite social networking site?

Facebook. I have an account but I've never really used it. I don't do enough to maintain something like that.

11. If you were a muffin, what kind of muffin would you be, and how would you escape if someone tried to eat you?

Banana-Nut. I'd hop on the next UPS truck driving by. Muffin Mail.

OK, I'm too lazy to specifically tag anyone this time. If I missed your name in the last two posts, or if you just want to answer more questions, feel free to use these:

1) If you can change one thing about any anime of your choice, what would it be?
2) When you read for fun, what literary genre do you prefer?
3) What two historical figures would you want to see go head-to-head in a cage match?
4) Who is your favorite comedian?
5) If you could go back and witness any moment in history, which would it be?
6) What's your favorite pizza topping combination?
7) Hollywood today is all about remakes. What movie would you remake?
8) What was your favorite childhood song?
9) What's your dream car?
10) What would you rather have: a Gundam, Super Saiyan powers, or a TARDIS?
11) Do you sing in the shower?

A meme in the hand is worth two in the bush

Tagged twice in one day. This time the questions come from Red.

1. What's your favorite superhero TEAM and why?

Team TARDIS (Eleven/Amy/Rory version). I suppose this is a cop-out as they aren't technically "superheroes" but I'm not really a fan of the comic book variety.

2. What's an album or song you listen to to relax after a particularly hard day?

I find listening to Queensryche's Tribe album very soothing.

3. Who's your favorite buddy-cop pair?

Michael Knight and KITT from Knight Rider.

4. Where's your favorite place to get breakfast?

I hardly eat breakfast, and I've gone out for breakfast even less, but we have a place near us called That Little Restaurant that has some really good food.

5. What's your favorite kind of ethnic take-out?

I've never had any kind of ethnic take-out other than Chinese.

6. If you were a broadcast network's programming line-up, which would you be and why? (i.e. NBC because of stupid reality shows, CBS because of crime dramas, etc.)

CBS, because it has NCIS and Criminal Minds, which are really good shows.

7. Chinese horoscope or Western horoscope?

I'm more familiar with Western, so I'll go with that.

8. What cartoon do you watch as a "guilty pleasure"?

My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic

9. What Hogwarts house would you be in?

Gryphondor. Gryfindor? However you spell it.

10. If you could play ANY sport professionally, what would it be?

Billiards. For real.

11.What's your favorite fantasy or Sci-Fi series (to read or watch)and why?

DOCTOR WHO! *This one is obvious* Because it's been going for nearly 50 years and is still brilliant, and encompasses almost every other genre within it. It can go anywhere and do anything, and the Doctor is my ultimate role model.

And now to tag people I didn't tag in the first meme response: Beth, Kei, SaxGirl, Blood Huntress, Carney, jomz, Alla, Lyndy, and RenaMonogatari. Here are your questions:

1) What's your favorite cheese?
2) Have you ever had a subscription to a magazine (or magazines)? Which?
3) What was your favorite place to go on vacation as a kid?
4) Was there ever a movie you watched that gave you nightmares?
5) A lifetime supply of pie or cake?
6) What one book would you recommend to your friends? Why?
7) What did you want to be when you were growing up?
8) Go out and party or stay in and relax?
9) What's your favorite band? Favorite album of theirs?
10) Which three famous historical figures do you most admire?
11) Cats or dogs?