50 Books Challenge 2013

Some of you may remember that I challenged myself to read 75 books last year. I put the goal at 75 because I actually started in Fall '11. Even with a year and a quarter to work with, I still fell far short, only getting completely through about 30 books last year.

So for 2013 I'm starting fresh and challenging myself to read 50 books by the end of this year. And just for fun, I unofficially challenge anyone else who reads this and wants to attempt the same goal. Can any of you manage it? Will I this time? And which of us will come closest, reach the goal, or even surpass it?

Rules: Each book you read counts as one, except in cases of omnibuses where previously individual books are bound together in one volume. Those may count for each book included that you read.

To address some things from the comments...
- Re-reads are allowed.
- If you don't think 50 books is a practical goal for you, feel free to set your own goal (25, 15, 10, whatever).

I'll use this thread to keep track of my progress.

50 BOOKS CHALLENGE 2013 (UPDATED 2/4/2013)
1) The Confession of Brother Haluin - Ellis Peters
2) The Heretic's Apprentice - Ellis Peters
3) Dead Man's Ransom - Ellis Peters
4) Miserere: An Autumn Tale - Teresa Frohock
5) Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett
6) The Dark Wind - Tony Hillerman
7) Star Trek: Stargazer - Three - Michael Jan Friedman