This is pretty much like everyones' "journal/diary" thing. I wanted to do one to.

Dangan Ronpa the Animation

I know I haven't been in theO for a while but what the heck. Just recently, I've watched and finished Dangan Ronpa: The Animation. This is probably the first mystery Anime I've enjoyed in years. Based on a game, I liked how some video game-like material was put into the Anime. The deaths and executions are amazing and creative to me. The only thing that makes this Anime not really horror is the use of pink blood. Blood is only scary when its red.

Attack on Titan

Just recently, I've watched one of the best action Anime ever but I was already willing to watch it. The graphics are amazing and the amount of characters made me want to watch it even more! I especially like Sasha because she reminds me of me (Yumm... food) and I felt sorry for her after she had to sun until she dropped and couldn't have any food (my worst nightmare)! But there is one problem and it's probably that one Eotena with the molester smile...... still gives me nightmares to this very day. And probably the Eotena that ran like a scared schoolgirl with a freakin constipated face. If you haven't watched it, you better!

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1. What's your favorite anime?N Ermergerd, everyone who knows me knows I just love Soul Eater!

2. What's your best cosplay you own if you have any? My cosplay as a random person in the crowd in an Anime.

3. If you had to choose (only 1) your game(s) or your pc(s), which one would you keep? PCs, where RPGs never end!

4. If you could change your gender would you do it? As long as I get to make Yaoi wihtout being judged. Lol, XD!

5. What's your favorite song? Mirrors by Justin Timberlake...or Mirror by Bruno Mars! Why u have same name?!

6. Do you like Popcorn? (Who doesn't? :D) Duhhh!

7. If Everybody turned into pretzels, what would you do? O_O I'm one step closer to making my Pretzel Kingdom!

8. What's your favorite cartoon? Whatchu calling a cartoon?!

9. Would you like a sammich? :D (I'm hungry ok? ._.) Which wich?

10. Da-da-da-daaaah!!! You have obtained the omnitrix!! Favorite alien? The Asian-looking one... is their one?

11. Random questions are random, sorry ._. anyways, Did'ja like my questions? (I hope so :>) I enjoy a lot of stuff... sort of.

Rule One: Post the rules.
Rule Two: Answer the questions that the tagger sent you in teir post, then make 11 new ones.
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1. Whose your favorite Anime character?!

2. If you were food, what would you be?

3. Who would you want to be eaten by?

4. Do you love Pockys?!

5. Do you think there should be more Filipinos in Anime?

6. What mythical Japanese creature would you be?

7. Do you love Soul Eater? (Had to put that XD)

8. What Pokemon would you be? (That too!)

9. Would you call Anime cartoons? (You better not!)
10. Do you think I'm in a hurry?

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1 Have you ever wanted to Sky dive? I've always wanted the sky to fall. Does that count?

2 What was the weirdest thing you've ever done? Does making friends get included?

3 Do you believe in a Zombie apocalypse? Yeah, I also believe in pushing people towards them to escape.

4 Have you ever wanted to be an animal. If so what animal? Of course I'd wanna be a freakin Panda, but I'm getting killed for my fur. You'll see me in a shirt that was Made in China.

5 What would you do if you saw a dragon? Shenron is that you? Grant me 3 wishes!

6 What if that dragon tried to eat you? Yo Goku, handle my light work.

7 What's the last song you listened to? Bad Apple, like everytime I talk to someone in Animal Crossing.

8 Did you know Death Note is being turned into a American Live Action movie? Better not ruin it, like Dragon Ball or The Last Airbender.

9 Did you know Zac Efron is playing Light Yagami in it? I see the resemblance by how the hell they going to turn him Japanese!

10 If you had to fight with a weapon what weapon would you use? Heres a hint. "You shall not pass!" Or just a couple of Talim's tonfa daggers.

11 What's your favorite genre of anime? Action. Show me romance and I'mma rip your head off.

Wild World Friend Codes

Herro guys. Just recently, I bought Animal Crossing Wild World. I've been playing for 2 weeks and I need some people to interact with in the game. So hopefully, can you give me your friend codes and Ill give you mine. Thanks.

Friend Code:477185210504
Name: Den
Town: Tekuto