Welcome to TMI Tuesday. This is a journal that I will most likely update every Tuesday with answers to the questions you ask me. Now...Everyone knows what TMI means (To Much Information) This doesn't mean that this world is full of perverted nastiness, it simply means you can ask me anything and I'll answer. Below you will find the rules and such.

First off PLEASE follow the Otaku's general rule guide. I would rather us not get banned for something silly.

It is OKAY to ask me personal questions, but do not go too far with profoundness or just plain out nastiness...and I shouldn't have to explain or give examples to ones that are. This is simply for the safety of myself, you guys and your account on the Otaku.

DO NOT ask for my address, phone number...SSN, those personal things because those I will not answer. Again, that is for my safety, I don't want you guys just poppin up at my door. (As much as I love you) I just don't see that ending well haha.

DO NOT ask for pictures of disgusting things ok? Like.."how big are your boobs? I want a picture" Yeah no..no I will be a very unhappy fellow if you do that. BUT you could ask a question like "do you have big boobs?" I see no harm in that because I am hardly giving you any information. Now, if you asked "what do you look like? Can I see a picture?" Then sure, I'd post a picture of my face (since I've done it before).

Pretty much everything else is okay! I don't have much shame xD, I really don't. I mean, after everything I've been through...I really see no shame. (I should write a book).

How to ask me a question:
This is simple. You can either catch me in chat and ask, OR send me a PM with a question OR comment in the journal entry. I will not be directly answering you though, so look for these journals because they will be posted in them. ALSO, if you do happen to have my # you can ask there as well. I will be gathering all the questions and be answering them within a few days time. If I get a ton on Tuesday, then I will answer all of them on Tuesday but I thought I'd give people a couple of days to ask me questions. SO on that note, you have till the next Tuesday to ask me questions IF you want them answered in the following journal.

If you have any questions you're welcome to ask me :)

Woot, finally got some questions!

I can finally do TMI Tuesday again because I finally got some questions. Thanks Elricbrothersfan!

1. Are you a dog or cat person? (Or some other animal?)

Honestly it really depends. I like both, but Dogs are a lot more to handle. Like children. Cats are much more independent. If I really had to choose I would say Cats in all honesty.

2. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

My favorite kind of ice cream is peppermint.

3. Have you ever eaten sushi before?

Yes, I love sushi.

4. Is college difficult?

College is difficult IF you slack off...like I am doing. I have reasons for slacking off. stuff going on at home but slacking off really throws you under the bus when it comes to college. You get behind incredibly quickly and it's extremely hard to catch up. SO, when/if you do go to college, try not to slack so much. Slacking off here and there is okay but all the time will really screw you over.

Trust me, I know.

Thanks for the questions! ^^ Keep them coming everyone, I really like doing these.

TMI Tuesday #2

I was asked 2 questions this time, a step up :>

First question was asked by Moka which was
Question: Do you think Ed is a Shrimp?

Answer: Well...I guess so? I mean how tall is he? Is he 5 feet tall? if he's 5 feet than he's a shrimp to me. I guess it really depends on the person...I don't know.

Second question was asked by kairi517
Question: so there has been a story about these teens who put an illegal firework into a dogs mouth so it couldn't open it, and lit it. That dog's life was pretty much over from that point, as the teens who did it continued with life like nothing happened. The dog died sometime later. This is very disgusting what they did if yuu asked me anyways. That and very wrong.

Answer: When I first read this, I wanted to punch someone. What is wrong with people? Honestly..I am so pissed off by this story it isn't even funny. Those kids should have been charged with SOMETHING for what they had done. That is animal abuse and they got away with it...really? What the fuck!? You hear about people being put in jail for stealing a candy bar..and yet these kids who pretty much murdered an animal get to live their lives totally fine and happy? Okay well thats seriously screwed up. They should have been charged with something and maybe a few slaps to the face in my opinion...

Anyway...Thank you guys for the questions. Please ask me more, I enjoy answering them.

TMI Tuesdays first questions

Children...children...Im so disappointed that I only got 1 questions Dx.

It's okay, I forgive you all and still love you :P. ANYWAY

The question I was asked was asked by my good friend touket! (touketsusharingan)
He asked:

how big are your sandwiches? do you like em with ham or bacon?

WELL...My sandwiches are pretty damn big ok? I like them with bacon! There is actually this really good sandwich at this place called "Beach hut deli," It is super delicious. The sandwich is called the surfing bird I believe. The sandwich contains Turkey, bacon, avocado, cream cheese (yes...cream cheese don't judge me) lettuce and onions. It is rather an amazing thing.

so yes...my sandwiches are veerryyy big. :)



Alright guys, so to start this off, I am posting a journal you guys can comment on and ask questions. Don't forget the rules *points upward* and have fun :)