Thanks for coming to my world “Tobi and Hoshi”, where I will post all kinds of Tobi and Hoshi stuff. Like art, contests, stories, and just a lot of random things. So I hope you like it and come back now and again to see if something new is up!
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Happy Halloween

Go and see the Halloween special of Tobi and Hoshi Randomness.
Have a Happy Halloween!
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Tobi and Hoshi Randomness

It's finally posted!! Go and see it, I'll upload stuff to it soon. I hope you guys like it!
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Forgot to say...

Man I've been so busy that I forgot all about the Tobi and Hoshi contest/comic... (Bad Hoshi! *slaps self*) Anyways the winner was DeidaraNarutoClan who was pmed a long time ago about it and I ment to post it soon after I pmed DeidaraNarutoClan, but I forgot... *slaps self again* Anyways even though I'm trying to do stuff for a contest that coming up soon I'll try to post soon.
I'm sssssoooooooo sorry for taking so long to notice!!

DeidaraNarutoClan's Entry

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