Marshall's Profile

Name: Marshall (Real name: Liadan Trahanor, “very iron-like grey lady”)
Pokemon: Magnezone
Type: Electric/Steel

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: 2nd November

Nature: Careful – Even if she seems always sure of what she’s doing, Marshall overthinks everything, calculating the odds and chances of what may happen, to minimize errors to the minimum. Thanks to her jobs she has become very precise, and it’s highly improbable for something to escape her eyes, especially in dangerous situations, where she keeps her cool with no problems.

Held Items: Magnet (Boosts electric-type moves)

Abilities: Magnet Pull (Prevents Steel-type Pokémon from escaping.); Sturdy (She cannot be knocked out with one hit.); Analytic (Boosts move power by 30% when she moves after the target.);

Attacks: Zap Cannon, Magnetic Flux, Electric Terrain, Supersonic, Thunder Wave, Magnet Bomb, Flash Cannon, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Lock On, Magnet Rise, Flash, Gravity, Volt Switch, Signal Beam, Iron Defense

Height: 1,65 m
Weight: 60 kg
Hair Color: Silver/grey, she also has a bright blonde (natural) streak on the top of her head.
Hair Length: Short and slicked to the side.
Scars: Some light ones on her hands and arms due to the use of sharp tools.
Tattoos: /
Piercing: /

Appearance: usually dressed in her work uniform and with a a not so curvy body, Marshall can be easily mistaken for a man, and this is only better to her, as she thinks that looking like a man will give her more freedom to act.
When she looks at someone or something, her eyes are never static in the first moments, because she instinctively tries to get the most information she can. She always brings with her a Magnezone-shaped bag, where she keeps all she needs for her studies and notes.
She is naturally inexpressive, even if scared or happy, she is not able to show her emotions, even if she would like to.

Personality: careful, precise and thoughtful person, Marshall won’t let anything escape her sight, until she has completely memorized the most important things that could be used later when necessary. Calm and reserved, she likes to stay in company of other people and hearing voices and noises, secretly wishing to be able to open up to them. When she’s focusing on something, there’s almost nothing that can distract her, but even if that happens, she won’t lose her cool, staying patient anyway.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Significant other: / Colress?

Hometown: Virbank City (Unova)

Job: Subway Boss along with Ingo and Emmet (Who drives the damn train if they’re fighting?!), ex researcher/scientist for Team plasma.

Theme Song:

Likes: Working with machineries, computers and electric centrals, studying scientific subjects, counting, helping her teammates with strategies, wearing male clothes, making sure everyone on the subway has bought the ticket.
Dislikes: Fighting in the “first line”, being called with her real name, being underestimated or ignored.

Fears: being too cold and asocial, knowing about the Colress’ possible death.
Strengths: Quick thinking, problem solving, bypass alarm systems and passwords, drive any kind of vehicle, quick learning.
Weaknesses: hand to hand combat, express her feelings, cooking, do anything that requires physical strength.

Battle Style: If possible, Marshall will avoid any kind of hand-to-hand combat, where she can’t do much, leaving that to the most capable fighters, helping them with her quick-thought strategies. In case this is impossible, she will rely on different fighting styles depending on the location she finds herself in:

If she can use metal pieces of any kind (broken machineries, for example) she will attract them to herself to protect (Iron defense), or will send them towards the enemy, to stop or wound them (Magnet Bomb, Gravity);
In case of open fields, she will rely on her electrical attacks, boosting her stats (Electric Terrain, Magnetic Flux), before attacking with moves that are most likely to prevent the enemy from moving, instead of actually hitting them (Supersonic, Flash, Thunder Wave)

Even if she tries her best, Marshall is not a good fighter and she knows it very well, so she will try to escape or hide, to later change place with a teammate.

Food: Croissant with butter (But she seems to like the “recharge” done absorbing electricity).

Drink: Sparkling water.
Color: Light blue.
Flower: /


Born in Virbank City from a family of workers, the little Marshall grew up surrounded by the machineries and piers of the Virbank Complex, active day and night.
Even if children her age hated the dark, heavy air of the place, she loved it, and every day she would go there to look at the workers and the ships. Growing fond of the little girl, all men there started explaining her the meaning of their actions, and what they were building, making a huge interest grow into her.
At the age of 15 she already knew all the complex and its facilities like no one else, and she enjoyed staying up late in the night to invent new prototypes of machineries that would have made the work even easier and lighter. Her parents were naturally very proud of her intelligence and inventive, and used to talk about her to everyone, to show how wonderful their girl was. People started talking, and in no time Team Plasma knew about her as well.

After some years, when the young girl was already a Magneton with no more ways to make the place better than it already was, some officers of Team Plasma came to her with a request from Ghetsis to join them in the scientist group that worked on the huge ship they used as a transport to travel via sea and air. Without thinking twice, Marshall accepted their request: even if she knew well about what they tried to do years before, the chance of learning new things was too high to let it slip because of morals she had no connection with.
Once aboard the plasma frigate, she was assigned to small group of young scientist, who could barely follow her in her wild ideas, so was she quickly re-assigned to the highest level group, the one lead by the mysterious Pokemon researcher, Colress.

Under him, Marshall was finally able to use all her mind in useful and interesting works, impressing even Colress himself, who ended up always asking for her to be at his side for help and ideas, often leaving the lead of the group to her, who, precise and careful but still very strict ended up being called “Marshall” by everyone, especially by him.
For the first time in forever she felt like home, with a group of people who could understand her and work along with her quick mind, all focused on a final objective, different from what the team actually wanted.
In fact, along with Colress she also discussed her thoughts of the Team’s plans, and they both ended up confessing being there just to be able to research and study while using Ghetsis’ almost endless source of money.
Knowing about her nature of Gijinka, during their researches he used to ask her to show him her abilities, making the two grow closer and closer. With no one else she ever felt at ease with using her powers, but with him, she felt like she could do everything, even to just see a smile appear on his face, and thus she ended up evolving in Magnezone.

With time, she realized of feeling something more that simple friendship and admiration towards him, but saddened by her knowledge of not being an attractive woman she ended up keeping her feelings hidden, simply enjoying her time with him like nothing happened.

After some years, the team was disbanded by some trainers, and the two ended up with no place to go. Fearing for Marshall’s safety (even if she did nothing bad, she was still part of the bad team, just like him) Colress sent her to the Subway Station of Nimbasa City, where he already talked with the two bosses, who granted her a place with them on the trains.

Happy of the new, safe place, the young woman started to rethink she could actually have a normal life with Colress even outside the Team, but after some time he himself confessed that he had to leave to let people forget about what happened, as police was after him, like they were after the remaining Sages. Understanding the situation, even if sad, she thanked him for everything, wished him good luck and let him go on his way, hoping to see him again soon.

After some years, even though she liked the place and job, she couldn’t feel at ease in the total ignorance in which she lived. Way too much time had passed since she last heard from the person she most cared for in the world, and this was unacceptable. Like a sign of fate, in those doubtful days a young, strong-looking woman appeared in the Station, confused and unsure of where to go. When going up to her to see if she could help in any way, she found out about the fact that the other woman too wanted to leave the city to find something she had lost. After asking her superiors for an authorization, she left with the woman, who was happy to have found such a valuable ally in such a short time, to make a wonderful duo (for now) to travel the region in search of answers to their many questions.

--- . ---

(Marshall’s Team
Zhu Baije – Emboar, female;
Isalindeir – Vanilluxe, female?;
Scilla – Scolipede, female;
Elethien – Virizion, male;
Orion – Altaria, male;)