SS Wishlist 2017

Basically copy and paste from the old one because I'm super lazy butt with not enough free time XD With few to no changes! (More in the second part, first part with OCs is always the same)

To my Secret Santa: I hope you'll have fun while drawing! I know I will~

So... here is my wishlist! I'll try to make it as long as I can so you'll have many options~

First of all: any of my OCs drawn by you would be veeeeery appreciated!!! ^w^ I love seeing my character in different styles~ So here's a list of all of them! (Actually in my Fanart pages there are many more of them, but I'll shorten down the list to the ones I actively use in Role Play~)

The name is a link to the pictures!!


* Elethien the Virizion
* Zorawar the Zoroark
* Honore the Honchkrow
* Mist the Mismagius (any outfit is fine! ^^)
* Grim the Gengar
* Hansel the Spiritomb and Gretel the Froslass
* Ishida the Serperior
* Pendragon the Tyrantrum
* Chandler the Chandelure
* Franz the Cobalion
* Krieg the Terrakion
* Samael the Sableye
* Seth the Absol
* Chernobog the Giratina

Anything I can add.. maybe some couples or related characters?
Franz is Ishida's knight/retainer, and there's a high chance he's always by his side.
Hansel and Gretel are twins~
Gretel and Chernobog are happily married~
Zorawar and Honore used to work together, and even if Honore is annoyed by Zora, he still keeps him around.
Franz, Krieg and Elethien are siblings, like their Pokemon counterpart.

You can find profiles and particular notes on the two worlds:
The Haunted House (for Mist, Grim, Hansel, Gretel)
The Dark Palace (for Zorawar, Honore, Ishida, Franz, Krieg, Elethien, Pendragon)

You can draw them however you want! In funny situations together, alone, as you wish!! ^w^ I also love fighting scenes, but I know those are hard to do..

If you are one who RPs with me and knows other characters too, feel free to bring them in (Or to add your own characters, of course! *w*)!

BUT! if you prefer drawing characters from anime, manga, series, books and such, here's a list that might help you!!!

Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune, Kojuro Katakura, Sarutobi Sasuke, Kotaro Fuma, Motochika Chosokabe, Mitsunari Ishida, Tenkai/Mitsuhide Akechi, Nobunaga Oda, Nohime, Magoichi Saika.

Marvel - Loki, Thor.

Okami - EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE! If it's in Okami style too, then it's absolutely PERFECT! *w*

Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion/Hobbit - Thranduil, Legolas, Aragorn, Thorin Oakenshield, Melkor, Mairon/Sauron (maybe together? *w* XD), Manwe. (or Elves in general, they are perfect to me XD)

Dragonlance - DALAMAR, Raistlin, Tanis, Fizban, Tas and Flint.. Oh who am I kidding, everyone is gold! *w* (Give me that MasterXApprentice thing with Dalamar and Raistlin and I will die happy! CwC)

I also like dragons, foxes and wolves ^^

So, I guess it's all!
Have fun~ ^w^