Trigun Episode 10 Guide: Quick Draw

The episode begins in a very mellow manner. Vash wakes up in May City and philosophizes about his identity. He goes through his daily routine, meditating about peace and love, training a little, cooking, and then going outside and playing with the city's children.

The next scene shows a young woman finding Vash's bleeding body on the city's grounds. The woman bends down to see if Vash is all right and Vash jumps up from his place, calling the name "Aileen." Vash then realizes that the woman is not Aileen.

The young woman introduces herself as Michelle. Vash asks her for lunch but the woman slaps him and leaves. Nearby, the children Vash has befriended tell Vash to try harder next time. It turns out Vash wasn't really bleeding, he was just covering himself up with tomato juice to pick up girls.

In the distance, we see another child who does not want to play with the rest. He's a loner named Neil.

Some time passes and Vash runs into Neil. Vash asks if he can eat at Neil's mother's restaurant. Neil agrees and leads him there. Vash immediately falls for Neil's mother but is shocked to see Wolfwood, the priest, working at the restaurant as well. Wolfwood tells Vash how Neil's father left a huge debt and ran away from home, leaving the mother helpless and in huge financial trouble. Wolfwood then tells Vash that there's a quick draw tournament that will go on soon - a good way to win the money to help Neil's mother out.

The next two scenes go by quickly. Milly and Meryl scold Vash for entering the tournament, foreseeing trouble. Then, the town's mayor is disbelieving that THE Vash would enter his tournament. He believes it's just a punk using Vash's name for kicks.

Vash is laying awake in his room. There's a sudden knock, it's Wolfwood, bearing a bottle of alcohol. Wolfwood and Vash drink up a little until Wolfwood calls out to Milly and Meryl (who were hiding and eavesdropping) to come join them. The two young women enter and apologize for eavesdropping. Milly joins Vash and Wolfwood in their drinking while Meryl looks on distressed that her partner will drink too much.

The next day draws upon everyone - the day of the tournament. Vash is, unfortunately, very drunk. Despite his inebriation though, he manages to excel in the first part of the competition, shooting a row of bottles in the distance. Wolfwood's name then gets called to compete, Wolfwood is baffled until Vash tells him that he signed the priest up. Wolfwood also shoots the bottles in the distance with great skill.

The next round of the competition consists of one-on-one dueling. Vash and Wolfwood both manage to take down every single adversary without killing them. The final round consists of Vash vs. Wolfwood. Wolfwood goes to the tournament head and tells him that he'd like to withdraw, giving Vash first place. The tournament head scoffs at Wolfwood, telling him that if he takes Vash out, he'll guarantee Neil's family's safety and, furthermore, split Vash's bounty with him.

So Vash and Wolfwood face off. They end up shooting each other and both falling down to the ground. The tournament head yells in delight that the entire bounty is his. He orders all the gunfighters in the town to finish Vash and Wolfwood off. But he got more than he bargained for when Vash and Wolfwood both get up and take out all the gunfighters (they were pretending). We also get to see Wolfwood's weapon - the giant cross he'd been carrying around for so long was really a gun storage unit.

Later on, Wolfwood collects the grand prize from the tournament head. Also, Neil's father finally returns. The episode ends with Vash and Wolfwood both playing with the city's children. All is peaceful again.