Trigun Episode 7 Guide: B.D.N.

The episode begins in Inepril City where Vash is being treated as a hero at a grand party. A young gentleman sits down next to a sober Meryl and a drunken Milly. Meryl and the gentleman talk a little about Vash (nothing really important).

The next day, Vash jumps aboard the sand steamer (without telling everyone) and leaves the city. Milly and Meryl, upon hearing the news, hurry to catch up to him.

Vash is lying down inside the sand steamer's rest area. One of the crew approaches him and tells him that they will soon be approaching the hang-out area of the Bad Lad Gang, a notoriously evil and powerful group. The crew member asks if Vash would be interested in going on guard duty for them; Vash refuses him, wanting to travel as a passenger, not a guard.

Vash travels to the wash room. As he is washing up, a young stowaway accidentally hits him on the head while descending. The stowaway then tries to flee but Vash catches him and makes him apologize. The stowaway then makes up a ridiculous story about how his parents died when he was young and his aunt and uncle abused him. Luckily for him, Vash buys the story and agrees not to turn the boy in.

Vash then goes to buy some food and is surprised to see Milly and Meryl working the cash register. Vash gets his food, commenting to himself how Milly doesn't realize how sharp she is, and then goes to a private room where the stowaway is staying (it turns out Vash agreed to be the sand steamer's guard in exchange for a private room).

After giving the boy his food, Vash suddenly collapses onto the floor. The boy then climbs in the ventilation shaft of the steamer (he was the one who somehow knocked Vash out) and signals the Bad Lad Gang to attack. The Gang, who ride on motorbikes, race toward the steamer. They face no resistance from the steamer because the stowaway boy had put sleeping gas in the ventilation shafts.

The Bad Lad Gang infiltrate the steamer and the leader of the group, a man by the name of Brilliant Dynamites Neon, announces himself.

Meanwhile, Vash is still fast asleep. He has a strange dream where a mysterious young woman is talking to him (her back is turned to Vash). Vash calls the woman by name: "Rem!" but she doesn't answer. Vash wakes up a short while later.

Brilliant Dynamites Neon has all the passengers of the sand steamer held hostage. After getting some valuables from the passengers, he finds the steamer's main safe. Knowing that he can't possibly crack the safe (it's too secure) he decides instead to break into it. He then goes to the steamer's navigator and tells him to reroute to the Enora Precipice.

Brilliant Dynamites Neon then viciously kills one of the crew members of the steamer for disobeying his orders. The stowaway walks in a few moments later and is in shock at the death. The stowaway then gets vividly upset when he hears what the leader has in mind: he wants to break the entire steamer in half (by running it into the Precipice) to crack the safe open.

The boy then, after getting beat up a little, yells to Brilliant that the ship was his father's. Brilliant puts a gun in the boy's mouth and forces him to submit. Then, from behind...

Vash the Stampede breaks into the scene! After holding the Gang for a few moments, Vash grabs the boy and is forced to evacuate the area, jumping out the window and landing on a ledge on its posterior. Vash and the boy then climb into a ventilation shaft and infiltrate the steamer once again.

Brilliant Dynamites Neon tells the captain of the steamer to operate everything as planned, forcing a passenger (a young woman) to help him steer (because Brilliant killed the guy in charge of that previously). When the captain finally submits, Brilliant lets out a great laugh. The episode ends on that note, without conclusion.