I will never let you fall,
I'll stand up with you forever,
I'll be there for you through it all,
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

So yeah. That'd be me, right there, right there.

Hmm. I'm Jack. Kid with the glasses. Even though I wear contacts normally. Fo sho yo. Duhh. I'm 15. I can be a happy person when I want to be [x Though when I get annoyed, I really get annoyed [: So don't get on my bad side, fools :3 I am in fact not single anymore.

My birthday is the 4/05. But you americans are crazy. So that to you reads as 5th of April. Because you do months frist ;P In england that reads 4th May. Which is my actual birthday.

I have nicknames. E-Romeo/Jack Skellz (Inside joke), Teh Orgasm (Inside Joke), Jacko, Ginger. But I don't really like being referred to as them, unless they are inside jokes. So call me Jack :3

Don't hurt me. Physically or emotionally. I don't like it. And it makes things awkward. Awkward turtle. :3 Plus, when I get upset, some other people get upset. And that makes me more upset and then they get even more upset. And then I get EVEN mor-- I think you get it :3

Yeah. Uhh. I have friends on here. :D Djayy[djayysaurus], Kitt[Endlessly], Chani[kittens 3], Shi-Chan[SecretMusic], Nicki[NickiNickiNicki]. Well. They're like my besties on here. The bits in [brackets] are their usernames on here. Hit 'em up. [:

WELLL. As you can tell I'm ginger. If you don't like gingers, you can stick it. Seriously, I'm fed up of being bullied because I'm ginger. So, if you don't like it leave me alone. :3 I have blue/green/gold eyes. Well bluey-green with gold flecks. I've been told they're pretty xD I'm about 1meter 78cms. I'm pale. But thats coz I'm ginger :3

I live in England. Soon to be Mexico. Well. Not really. But when I am older me and Kitt are running to Mexico. And having a child there.

Like everyone. I have hobbies~ I play piano- Badly. I draw. I think I'm okay at drawing (: I sing, which I think I am okay at, actually xD I'm very theatrical, I act alot, and I like musicals. Some may call this gay. But I think its amazing <3

DJAYY: I loves this girl to the deaths. Seriously. Don't hurt her. 'Nuff said. <3

KITT: Ahh, my yellow sunshine dealer. We've been through everything together. Yeah, I've hurt her before. But I didn't mean too, and we stills loves each other. :3

CHANI: My twinneh.We have telepathy. Seriously. We do. I'm there for her always <3 And we have a theme tune. Superman by Lazlo Bane. Or the Scrubs theme tune. >_> Thats besides the point.

Right. I guess thats it.

Jackasaurus. <3


This moment's song is A Little Faster By There For Tomorrow

Djayy again, everyone. You're probably sick of me, still from always guest posting on Jack's world. But I have now realised that A uber long epic paragraph will not explain the depth of my love for Jack Skellz. Not that I can't write one. I'm just a tad lazy right now, and I don't feel like doing anything really. But I love this kid with all the depth in my heart, and I mean that literally. He's such a special person to me, and I have also realised I need him.
This is what I get for having a friend like him.
I love you, Jack. You're my bestest friend. =]
P.S: This is why Djayy is cool. :]
External Image


Kitt here. :]
Hacking the Jack, aka the orgasm, but you wouldn't know about that now would you? Or would you? I'm not sure what this boy does in his free time. Meaning the time he isn't dancing to cheer me up. Ah, crap I said it now. So, he danced for me, I was sad, it was late, things like these happen all the time. [I also saw him molest a duck, however he swears he only bit it, and the duck liked it. xD] Moving on, this kid thinks he's a crap friend, I think he's highly diluted. If he can make my year, there is not way in all the stars he's a crap friend. Jack and I recently discovered we have the same train of thought, which is epic really. I love his euhgs, and I want a real one. :] I loved the skill in which he used to make an euhg actually mean something. xD I'm a Yellow Sunshine dealer, and Jack gets it for half price.
THAT'S how much I fracking love him.

So rawr.

Oh yeahhhhhh...

February 2nd Will's Birthday
February 13th- Last day of half termmm! :D
February 14th- Valentines Day

February 20th- Fresca's Birthday (I think)
March 19th - Will's Birthday :D
March 21st- Kaede-Chan's Birthday :)
March 22nd - Mothers Day
March 23rd-Macauleys Birthday
April 1st - April Fools Day
April 3rd ~ April 20th - Easter Hols :]

May 4th- My birthdayyyyyyyyyy~! :D
May 4th- Bank Holiday Monday, Day off school :D
May 6th- My Otakuversary :D
May 11th- Heartkruez's birthday
May 28th- Suffolk Show

June 12th- Chani's birthday
July 1st, 2nd, 3rd- Romeo And Juliet Showdays.
July 2nd- Laura's Birthday

July 17th - Summer Holiday
July 18th - Beth's Party
July 20th - Kitt's Birthday

August 2nd to the 15th - Summer Youth Project
September 7th - End of Summer D:
September 7th- Djayy's Bithday

October 12th - My Journal is ONE year old!
December 1st - Georgie's Birthday.
December 25th - Christmas.
January 19th 2010- Jack AND Djayy's ONEYEAR anniversary of Friendship.


Hey. So. I HAVE DECIDED TO RETURN. I have kinda missed The Otaku recently and I thought I would take a little time back.

Tumblr is the reason for me leaving The Otaku. I love it. Feel free to follow me if you have it.


So. I'm quite different now to what I used to be. I used to be very shy, not outgoing at all, and I used to have very long ginger curly hair and glasses. Nowadays, I'm not like this at all. Some time last year, I got my hair cut and styled. I slowly began to like this hair style, and became more confident with it. For once, I felt attractive. I look like this now:

But, I don't usually wear glasses. I now usually wear contacts which I really prefer because I can't sit on contact lenses and break them~

Another thing which has helped to boost my confidence is going to concerts. Which I do A LOT now. I love going coz I get to meet loads of new people and I meet people from the actual bands which is ALWAYS lovely. Bands I have seen are below, and the ones I have met are in bold:

  • Boys Like Girls Twice.
  • Madina Lake
  • Mayday Parade Twice.
  • There For Tomorrow
  • The Friday Night Boys
  • Every Avenue
  • The Maine
  • Bowling For Soup
  • Forever The Sickest Kids
  • A.
  • The Dollyrots
  • We Are The Ocean Twice
  • One Night Only
  • Kids In Glass Houses
  • Paramore
  • B.o.B
  • Fun.
  • You Me At Six
  • The Blackout Twice.
  • Set Your Goals
  • The Dangerous Summer
  • We The Kings
  • VersaEmerge
  • I See Stars
  • All Time Low. Twice.
  • Yellowcard.
  • Panic! At The Disco. Twice.

Okay, you probably haven;t heard of most of them, but you know, whatever~

My favourite bands now are Mayday Parade (They are at the very very top, I LOVE them, so much), Forever The Sickest Kids and Panic! At The Disco.

My favourite song at the moment is this:

This is VersaEmerge's cover of E.T, originally by Katy Perry and Kanye West.

I can now play the ukulele, along with the piano and the guitar. I can sing fairly well too.

Last time I was on here, I was deciding what subjects I should take for my GCSEs. In the end I chose AS Level Critical Thinking, GCSE Triple Science, GCSE German and BTEC Art.

Err, I guess that's all that has really changed I guess


If you want to know anything else, just leave a comment or message me or something(:

Jack <3


It's Jack's birthday.
He's fourteen nao. ;D
Olddddd kid. :P

I am backkkk <3

Yeah, thats right. Jack's back 8D Not for good though. xD Well, I saw Kami had posted something, so I thought I should post something now ^.^' I know I said I would post regularly but not like everyday, but I didn't realise how long it had ...

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Lol. Sorry. :D Jokes. Really.

I'mm sorry.

I'm sorry TheOtaku, but I'm breaking up with you. Its not me, its you. You're too high maintenance. I can't keep posting in you everyday. I'm not saying we won't see each other anymore, I'll see you sometimes. But welcome to Dump...

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