... A person's destiny is only onething ...


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Name: Hai
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Birth: 25 April
Status: Single

  • Young and cute girls (15-20)

  • Drawing

  • Making poems

  • Reading mangas, manhuas, books

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    I'm quite lazy and busy so I won't be here for a while; but in case you have any bussiness with me, plz visit me at my facebook:


    You are all welcome :D
    Hope to see you around ^^

  • Entry for April's Fool - I'm not drunk... You f*cking ugly monky

    To the girl I love most:
    You cheated on me! Your f*cking ugly monkey, Hope you die 1000 times in HELL ...

    I'm not drunk If you think so

    I'm alert more than you know

    Just some beers wont work on me

    So dont screw with me, you f*cking ugly monkey


    Tell me lies and call my name

    When you need, I'm here to blame

    Just ignore me when I need

    Leave me alone, hurt and bleed

    Make those promises you cannot keep

    Hide those secrets that haunt my sleep

    When I call, dont be there

    Just act as if you do not care

    Cut me down and watch me fall

    Broke my heart, is that all?

    Make me seem like a big mistake

    Push me to the point that I cannot take

    I'm enough with all those pains

    Hurt me like that, what you gain?

    If tomorrow I died, would you care?

    What if I was no longer there?

    Just find another ones for my place?

    Somehow they will just replace?

    Is this the way is supposed to be?

    So thanks alot for hating me


    I'm not drunk if you think so

    Leave me alone, please GO!!! ...

    ... It's RAINING ...

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    When you see no rain in summer
    Do not think it will not be
    Because your day might be a bummer
    When a storm you start to see ...

    Do not think it will not rain?
    Do not think it will not hail?
    I suggest you use your brain
    If you don't your plans could fail ...

    Cool breeze from the window
    Watching the rain outside
    Wishing it would wash
    All the pains inside ...

    A perfect day may never exist
    But perfect moments often do
    Please take to heart these simple words,
    When life rains down on you ...


    Entry 4 Oc 18 08

    All the wishes I made about you were so wrong
    Or the lyrics I sang to every lonely sad song

    You bring me more sadness than anything more
    Your kisses are sweet but they leave me too sore

    I'll never get back all that I've given to you
    My heart's scarred from the things you do

    Your words are lies that I always foolish believe
    You are pain in my ass, an incurable disease

    I'll never really trust anyone anymore no matter who
    I'll never feel the same about someone as I did you

    The anger inside my heart will forever be fulled
    Cause how could I ever forget all you did was cruel

    This story was never meant to have a happy end
    It's too broken and tattered now far beyond mend

    So many wishes that I know I spoke all wrong
    Too many tears I've cried each lonely sad song

    But now the one last wish I want to come true
    Is the wish that there's something ... EATS YOU ...


    Entry 4 Oc 13 08

    I'm feeling sick n getting worse
    I think Id better see the nurse

    I'm nauseated, nearly ill
    I have a fever n a chill

    I have a cold, I have the flu
    I'm turning green n pink n blue

    I have the sweats, I have the shakes
    A stuffy nose n bellyaches

    My knees r weak, my visions r blurred
    My throat is sore, my voice is slurred

    A feeble head, a weaken heart
    I may just faint or fall apart

    I sprained my ankle, stubbed my toes
    N soon I will start 2 decompose

    N 1 more thing I have today
    That makes me have 2 go away

    It's just as bad as all the rest
    I also have the midterm test



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    Memories soft n sweet
    Caught on autumn's breeze
    Whispers of last goodbyes
    Drifted amongst bare trees

    Say goodbye 2 memories
    Rain falling through the years
    Leaves dropping from lonely trees
    A broken heart still sears

    Rain falling through the years
    In longing I still await
    A broken heart still sears
    4 a long lost soul mate

    How could I ever forget
    The 1st time I heard ur voice
    A sweet infusion numbing my soul
    Lighting within a flame of joy

    But y did hearts have 2 fade
    Like summer 2 shades of fall
    4 clouds had covered ur gaze
    Autumn chills then began 2 call

    Blown away leaves of gold
    On a wind cold as ur goodbye
    Leaving behind a frozen memory
    Of love's glimmer enchanting ur eyes ...