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News and a Story!

Some interesting little news followed by a random story!
(The story is random because I am about to write it now from the top of my head… soooooo, yeah…)

I wrote a script for my film class about a month ago. The class liked my idea so me and 5 other scripts were chosen to actually be filmed. I then became the writer/producer/director of the project. O.o
Needless to say I’ve been working really hard on this project!
The news is that once editing is done (I started today) I am going to try to put it on YouTube and you can all watch my story in the near future!!! ^-^ (and since it’s me you KNOW it’s going to be weird! Lol)

Now it is random story time!

The sun beams down beneath the blinds. Sneaking through the cracks in it’s shelter. Nothing is completely dark and nothing can keep out that bright, bright light.
It annoys me.
Sometimes I feel as though the sun is teasing me. Saying “You can’t come here! You’re a disgrace, a beast, and I will beat you.”
I want to get away from here.
This old abandoned dormitory no longer holds any secretor mystery. Except, perhaps, for me being inside of it.
I crawl father into my dark corner and try to sleep.
The sun is far too bright.
I end up starring at it until it sets.
Night is my domain, and nobody can stop me.
I run down dark deserted streets fog hovering just above the ground. I bet to an outsider it’d look like I was flying. I wish that I really could fly… but stories of flying are just myths. The closest I’ve gotten is a cramped airplane, and that was a very long time ago.
Eventually I get to my chosen venue in this area. A little park, three streetlights and a bench. Nice and quiet; it’s perfect.
I set down on the bench beneath one of the yellow lights. A little puddle of safety to humans from the big bad dark.
I wait.
Right on cue, there he is.
My meal ticket.
“You actually came!” he says it a little bit surprised.
I understand why. Not many women would agree to meet a stranger for a date in a dark park, but not many women are like me.
“Yes.” I reply smiling.
His idea of a date apparently involves trying to eat my ear after a cheap dinner at a small dirty diner. It is a hour after we met and we have already made it full circle back to the park. Its gross and tickles, but I let him in order to pump his confidence enough lure him into the shadows.
It works he gives me a silent signal and we’re backing out from under the lamp onto the wet grass and the dark.
He lays me down and tries to make his move.
I have him now.
I twist him down so that I am on top and reach down to kiss his neck with my teeth.
His blood oozes out of the wound. The man feels that something is amiss and attempts to wriggle free. I have him though.
My fangs have sent a chemical for paralysis into his blood and I am now receiving the real meal.
The warm blood fills me up as I embrace his cooling body.
His warmth enters me and I can taste life in the air.
Once he is gone I drop the body onto the ground and walk away.
There is no need to do anything else.
I really don’t want to go back to my current residence. It’s abundance of cracks which let in light irk me to no end. I decide to find a new home base. I look up at the sky; there’s plenty of night left.

I hope you all enjoyed that piece!
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Human's End

My 2 year TheO surprise!(Unless you read MyO...)


This one of two short vampire stories I wrote under the prompt "Your first night as a vampire." Thoguh I like the other story I wrote better (a comedy from a guy's point of view) it's hand written, needs to be fixed and Iam too slow a typer to write it up agian. (Maybe I'll post that one later...) Back to the point now. This is written in a very similar style to "Miss Ratched's Love Story" and is hopefully a good description of the first day night of a vampire.

Please comment!
I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!!! *bows*

The end. Or at least that’s the way it began. My death, that’s how my life came into being. I remember how it felt when my body failed and how the world I had known drifted away from me. There was pain at first but it soon faded. All that was left was me. Then I also began to feel the “me” floating away. Then nothing. Just an endless expanse of nothing. I was quite surprised when feeling came flowing back again. No pain, not anymore, just warmth. It felt wonderful, warm like being wrapped in a blanket. I was so at peace with myself, the world, everything.
I opened my eyes.
Night enveloped me. Oh, how beautiful the world appeared to my new eyes born of darkness. I saw the hidden light that eyes blinded by sun can never be able to see. I understood right away that sunlight would never be enough for me again. It would never make me as happy or as warm as this dark bliss. It felt exhilarating. It was as if the elements themselves were giving me strength. More then I ever could have even dreamed of attaining had in my previous life. I stood up and took a deep breath so I could fully enjoy the sensation of this power. Suddenly I realized that the rhythm of my heart and breathing I had grown so used to was over and everything was still and quite. When it sunk in that I no longer needed to breath and that that life was done, I stopped. No need to pretend I was still alive in the way I used to be. I had a second chance at life within my death. I was beyound description.
Then an odd, but not surprising, feeling took me over. Hunger. Even this feeling was pleasant even though at the same time it was tearing me apart. It was all consuming. The pain itself was beautiful bliss. It was ecstasy. My very being seemed to be crying out, every cell craved blood.
Maybe a cat jumped over my grave? I mused remebering the old stories from my first life, or maybe it was my red birthmark, or was I born with hair? I wonder. I wonder. What made me this way?
Putting those pointless thoughts aside, I then went in search of subsidence. I walked slowly, I was in no hurry. I could feel my goal near; unsuspecting and weak. Their heartbeat sounded delicious. I crept closer. They could not hear me. After all with out troublesome breath and heart to worry about, I was completely silent. Soon I was right behind my prey. I watched them they were vulnerable and would be easy to take. I slid silently behind the human, and before they could even begin to think, a quick twist to the neck and they were dead, gone to my cause. As to feed before the blood turned cold, I quickly I clamped on to their neck and broke the skin with my long teeth. I then proceeded to drain them of their blood. It was sweet and warm. I could feel it sliding down my throat into my stomach, and feel it being absorbed into my being. I was feeling stronger then ever, it was the best thing I had ever tasted.
I let go of the body and it dropped with a thud to the ground. I licked my lips. And took time to enjoy the moment. Instinct more then anything else told me what to do next. The sun was coming, and my sensitive night eyes would be burned from the brightness of its light. I turned and went back to my new home. I stared at the hole in the ground where I had been thoughtlessly buried by my killer. I climbed into the pit and pulled the earth so it covered me once more. I fell asleep.
I had sad dreams of a life past. In the dream there was sun and a family I will never see again. I know the dream well now, it’s the same one I have every day. And I know when I wake again tomorrow night I’ll have the tears running down my face like I always do. Someday will I finally die? I wonder. I wonder.