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Laugh Like A Bell

Ok little pre note before I write the story, (or copy paste from Word as it were)
This is for phantomgirl21's Sideways chalenge! Woot!
Thanks to the urging on the part of Beloved Blood here I am! ^-^
That said I hope I didn't miss any rules... >.> If I did... at least the challenge was good imagination fodder!
Um yeeesss anything else..?
um an OC... loosely (very loosely) off of a time I awoke crying from a dream
Ok that's it!


I wake up and I wonder why I suddenly awoke. It was a sound. But what sound..? I hear someone crying and it feels distant like a shadow of another world. Slowly I become more conscious and sit up in my bed. The moon creates a beam of light across my ceiling and suddenly I am completely awake. Tears are streaming down my face.
Huh? Why am I crying? I reach a hand towards my face and feel that its wet. All I know is that I am filled with an incredible feeling of loss. I double over my body shaking with uncontrollable sobs. I hug my arms as tight around myself as I’m able and I try to remember. What was it? It was something important. What did she say to me? She? Wait the memory is slipping in and out of my hands. It was definitely something that happened in my dream.
Shock. My Friend was there. She was telling me something. It was important. I shut my eyes tight and try to focus and try to call back what happened and the words she said to me. What was it?
I find my mind drifting back to how she was when I knew her, her smiling face and how she always looked sad when she thought nobody was looking. And instantly I feel regret. I’ve been forgetting about her, about Amanda. Slowly but surely the years have dulled the features of my friend.
My memories are empty whispers, just a blank face with a smile, just gaping eye sockets with purple eye shadow, just a disembodied hand reaching towards a ball. Weather worn and tattered. I don’t really have many memories of her at all. How well did I really know her that all that remains in my mind are vague ghosts? How could I have ever cared about her if my mind can remember crying over losing her more than talking to her? Why can I only remember hearing about her death rather than Amanda’s voice?
How selfish can I be?
Years. How many years has it been. I haven’t even thought about you lately or maybe even not at all. You’ve been shoved right out of my head and it’s my fault. Now you’re even dying in my memory. It’s losing you all over again and it hurts. Maybe if I could remember what you said… maybe… maybe you’d be alive in my mind once more. Amanda, what did you look like?
What did you say? Your voice, what was it like? I remember you were quiet… Or is that just my imagination creating an illusion? Even my dream of you was just a dream. Yet still I struggle in the dark and I try and I try… I won’t let you suffer death again.
Ah! I remember something. Its fuzzy but it is something. We were playing a game and I missed a shot. You looked me in the eye and we laughed. I remember. The sound was like small falling bells. It was the first time I ever really saw you smile and the first time I heard you laugh. And now I cry.
I cry because you laughed and I cry because even as I hold onto that moment I can feel it leaving. It’s my ball of light and it’s being eaten by the dark. I am not ready. I don’t want to let go and I don’t want to forget you. I need to remember what you told me! I need to know and even through my tears and desperation I know that eventually water slips between the cracks of fingers. No matter how tight I may grasp.
I lay back down in my bed and I hear a car pass by. A bar of artificial light crosses the ceiling breaking up the moonbeam. Just like that the spell is broken. I close my tired eyes to try to sleep and try to dream. Tears continue to slip between lids because I know I’ll never dream of you again.
What did you say?
You’re gone, just a forgotten dream. I fall asleep looking a sliver moonbeam. I awake and I have the unusual sensation that I just heard a tingling bell fall to the floor, and we’re watching sideways. Huh, we? Hmm must just be my imagination. I begin to prepare for the day.

And I Ran

Contest entry for Dream Free! ^^
(Theres an explanation at the end of the story/dream!)

And I Watched the World Slid Away

It started off nice and pleasant, I miss that time when we were all still together and warm, but mostly we were content to just be… well that was before this next part takes place.

I was in my house with my family. The interior was mostly just bare wood panels; it was cozy, safe and happy. My friend Kee was over and we were about to eat dinner. We were laughing and enjoying our meal when we heard a buzzing alarm. My mom looked up and fear immediately invaded her happy features.

“Oh my God!” she proclaims in a quiet voice loud enough to change a life.
She brings her hand up to her mouth and tells my brother to turn on the TV.


I thought the room was quiet before, but now it’s like everyone is dead. The TV then proceeds to inform us that there has bee a large earthquake in the ocean and that there is a tidal wave heading towards our location and that it is prudent for us to evacuate immediately and move to higher ground. We have half an hour before they think it will hit land.

My mom took control of the situation, “We’ll be ok where we are” she said “we’re already at high ground.” We make a plan. Our furniture is moved to bock windows and all but the front door. We begin to collect water from the facet in case the pipes go down later. Since we are on high ground friends and neighbors begin to come over to take refuge in our house.

We wait.

We’re thrilled when the TV explains that the tidal wave has stopped and then gave us further information on when and where to receive food and help from volunteers and our countries emergency response unit.

Now the house was filled with all kinds of people and while many of there houses were to close to the sea and now gone, we’re so glad we made it through all right. Everyone’s so elated that it’s almost like a party now and all the younger kids are playing board games on the floor and I am hanging with Kee, whose house was completely submerged, and her brother who also evacuated to our home. Someone somewhere turns on some music and everyone is so relieved that everything is going to be all right.

That was when the tremors started.

The voices of my family and the refugees sound out as the earth sways gently.

“It’s an earthquake!”
“Get under a table or in a doorway!”
“Brace yourselves!”
“Bad day isn’t it?”
“We really do have bad luck, huh?”

Then the shakes, that makes you feel like you’ve stepped onto a boat, intensified. Panic began to swell as all the joking disappeared.
And the waves of earth moved us up and down with it’s power.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmy…” someone mutters hypnotically.

Finally the movement stopped and I shiver where I stand in a doorway, braced against the wall. There’s a bad feeling about this… I felt fear and there was a sense of anticipation in the air.

Kee tries to turn on the TV but it won’t go on. That was when I realized that the music had stopped playing and the lights were out.

Then all of the sudden there was another even stronger tremor and I heard a huge rush of water. While the earth continued to shake, I looked out the window and saw the houses across the street being pushed over by a powerful stream of ocean and the street looked like a river and I could feel my shoes grow wet as water crawled through our house. People in house were fighting to get out as the water threatened to swallow them whole. I watch as the entire house begins to slide down the street taking all the others with it. I watched in shock as the street melted away and became a brown mush before slipping away all together. I felt cold fear rush down my spine. Lucky the foundation on our house was higher off the ground.

“I THOUGHT THE WORLD WASN’T SUPPOSED TO END UNTIL 2012?” I shout, tears streaming down my face. In my mind I could still see the street being crush and moving away.

No one answered.


And pandemonium encased my world.

The next thing I knew I was on what was once a street, now a part of the ocean, and I am running with my family, my friends, strangers and I am scared. I looked around and felt absolute hopelessness. The direction away from the ocean was downhill and there’s no way to out run the smaller waves bombarding us.

“Shouldn’t we try to get to high ground?” I asked my mom.

“This is the only way!”

We began to run again as quickly as possible in an impossible direction, and I was crying and panting and out of breath and scared for my life.

Sometime during the flurry of panic I was separated from my family and now I am just desperately running away from the sea. There were other people running with me, and all of us had a common goal; we wanted to survive.

I don’t know how long I was wandering but I finally found a place that seemed unaffected by the tidal wave and earthquakes. I sighed and shuddered; I could see everything literally slipping away again and again. It kept replaying in my head. I was still very jumpy from the ordeal, and I walked up to a man and asked him what’ was the news with the disaster.

“What are you talking about?” he replied.

“How could you not have heard? Have you turned on the TV recently?” I exclaimed in outraged horror and backed away from him. I wondered what had been happening since I last heard the news. Isn’t the ocean still coming? Tears run down my face.

What’s going on?

For the first time since I left my house I remember my family and wonder what happened to them. Where are they? Are they even still alive?

“Are you ok?” asked the man.

I ignored him and turned around back the way I had come.

Where am I? How far have I come? What happened to my family? My home? My friends?

I began to walk back towards the ocean.

And yeah that when I woke up for the last time….
(I say “for the last time” because I actually woke up twice from this nightmare… I was so happy it was just a dream, but then I just fell back asleep and found myself right where it had let off when I woke up… twice. It sucked.)
It was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had…. (Maybe because I’ve been in an earthquake?)
Added to that I really do live near the ocean at the moment! >.>
Needless to say this nightmare really shook me up.

I wrote this the day right after I had the nightmare (on Feb. 3 ’10)

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!