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My Mom Watches AoT

So I’ve been into anime and manga for a long long time. I cosplay, and my mom through the years has taught me sewing and crafting skills, which she calls “a lost art.” Anyways, long story short, she knows a little bit about the world of otaku.
(I swear I’m getting to the point and that this story is hilarious)

So my brother had never seen Attack on Titan, and while I’ve read the manga I had never seen the anime either, so we decided to sit down and watch some episodes together.
Well about half way through episode one my mom decided to join us, and hilarity ensued.
Here are some actual comments my mom (and family) made while watching the first half of season 1 during our marathon.

Mom: So why do they eat people?
Me: They just do. They’re giants and they eat people. That's all you need to know right now.

Mom: So those things on their hips..?
Me: Propel them using compressed gas or something. I don’t know any of the fantasy technical stuff.
Mom: Is there a place I can find out?
(one of the info screens can up conveniently explaining some stuff)
Mom: Interesting…
My Bro: That sounds like it’d be painful…

(My dad walks into the room)
Dad: Is this your cartoon stuff?
Me & Bro & Mom: Yes anime.
(Titans continue attacking)
Dad: …
(Dad stares at Tv)
Dad: Why are there a bunch of naked people..?

(My mom grabs her tablet and starts googling)
Mom: You should cosplay this!
Me: (Laughs) Everyone cosplays this!
Mom: Then cosplay one of those titans!

SPIOILERS This comment includes spoilers (And is the best)

(Eren turns into a titan)
Mom: Oh so he’s a Titan?
My Bro: Apparently… Tsubasachro is he gonna eat people?
Me: Maaaaybe…
Mom: Oooooh!
Me: What?
Mom (with so much joy in her voice): So he’s the king of the Titans!

I love that my mom gets anime. She even knows the difference between anime and manga. But omg! It’s times like this when I feel like a need a “My mom watches anime” youtube channel. Cause she is hilarious!!!

Bwaha Fullmetal Alchemist

Hey all!
My friend and I were marathoning Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, 2 days straight, and I have Fullmetal on the brain!!!
Anyways we were watching the show and noticed this hilarious scene where it looks for a spilt second that Scar it shooting laser beams from his eyes!
So of course I made a gif for my friend to share on her Tumbler and I figured I'd share it here too! ^-^

Feel free to use this gif for whatever you'd like! If anyone wants an avi sized version let me know and I'll post a smaller one without my signature.

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7 Years on TheO! (Oh and foxes)

Woot! I've now been on this site for a long long time!!!

But really I'm posting to share this amazing song... Trust me you shall not be disappointed!
Maybe you've even heard it before, but if not you simply MUST!!!

Anyways discover the answer to a most mysterious question! lol
(also great stress relief since I'm freaking out over an interview...)

Any Summer Adventures?

So I think I mentioned earlier that I was traveling with my uncle. (and some other family but mostly my uncle)
Well during our little trip I had quite the… experience… to say the least! lol
Somewhere in the middle of our trip, between starring at water stains, trying to cheer my uncle up and searching every single random little shop for the best tea, I started rewatching Airbender… and it struck me…
Oh My Gosh….
My uncle is… just. like. Uncle. Iroh!!!
In soooo many ways… Too many to go into...
And wait… I'm traveling with him…
And I am insistent on calling him uncle...
Does that make me Zuko?!
Or wait…
The jerk princess since I'm a girl?!
At any rate it has been an adventure, I got to have some yummy tea, meet strangers and, most of all, I got to spend time with one of my uncles.

Traveling with family is always an interesting experience! I learned alot about my uncle and had fun!

Have you had any summer adventures?


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The End of the World

This my first fan word contest entry... IT was written with the image of two men sitting calmly eating cake with the end of the world visable through the window...
Thank you for viewing!

This story is down for fixing!
I am planning to persue it further by way of film!

Thank you for your understanding,