Hello, everyone! welcome to my personal blog! first, my introductions...


MY NAME: you can call me twinkle or sakura, your choice

BIRTHDAY: 13 february so don't ever betray me, i'll haunt every friday, the 13nth......... ha ha!


MY NON-ANIME INTERESTS: i love doing what no one usually does. it sounds crazy coming from me (at least to someone who knows me) but hey, guess you don't know me that much! i love writing novels, sad, romantic, terror... you name it. i love the unbeaten path, the path no one has taken because then it'll be me... specially laid out just for me! I'm amazed at the cosmos. it fascinates me so much when i look up into the night sky and find millions of stars smiling at me. if i ever go to Arizona the first place I'll visit is the famous "Milky way" truly, all you Arizona people must be so proud.... i'd love to tell more but this must be enough to decide if i can be your good friend for all times.

(a week before) I loooooove cardcaptor sakura and naruto! they are the best anime's i have ever seen in my entire life! i want to grow up to create amazing characters just like them! it's so nice. naruto is the best... i love naruto for his undying courage and sasuke, well, i just plain love him. in CCS, shaoran is so cute when he blushes! i've never seen a guy all so shy and blushy in my entire life! oh, i just looooooove anime!
(2 days before) OMG! OMG! how could the dimension witch do taht? what the (censored) (censored) hell will she do with their relationship? what the damn hell will she do with syaoran's relationship with sakura. after all syaoran does for her, sakura will never remember her love for syaoran.... i feel so... ugh! tsubasa chronicles is THE BEST ANIME EVER! there can be nothing better than it! i cried so much when she asked, "who are you?" like.... oh man, the world is too cruel i tell you.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Avril lavigne rocks! expecially her songs like "daydream", "hot", "slipped away", "nobody's home" etc... she truly is my star! Westlife... my love! i just love this band! expecially the songs from their classic album... i mean songs like, "world of our own" "i lay my love on you" etc... and how can i forget enrique iglesias? hero, she be the one, escape... i could go on anad on... and ofcourse, other variable songs that i like are "White flag" by dido, "close to me" by the band 5, everytime we touch and i can't stand it, both by cascada, hurt by christina aguilera, my immortal and missing by evanescence.... i love music... this list can't end..

i would write more, but i think that's enough for now eh?

Keep in touch...

School starts tomorrow.... usually, i tend to be happy because i have nothing to do in the holidays. At least in school, i can chat with friends, irritate my enemies, secretly plan my move on my you-know-who ( ) etc.. etc..

But, this time....

Because this is a crucial year and dad's pretty serious about it and all, i may not be online much but i will keep in touch OK, guys? i may not submit much but i will comment and all on your works. by the way, all of you are doing real great... better than me.... for now!!

So, Happy new year, ENJOY!

First Wallie with gimp 2.6

Today, well technically yesterday, i finally mastered the secrets of gimp. i finally managed to create quite a nice wallie. All the coloring copyright COMPLETELY owned by me!! i discovered the layers feature, various styles of paint brush and ooh, i'm just so happy.

i am so proud of it.... oh by the way, it's 'Sweet memories' wallpaper where sakura is dreamily lost in thoughts of syaoran.. oh, i just tsubasa chronicles and i'm proud of my first attempt at making a tsubasa wallie too! it may not be my best but to me, it's quite an achievement!

I'm back!!

Ohio guys! (yes, it's morning over here now) how have you been? guess what? I'm back!!!!!

i know, i know, you're all like "Dah! you've been back for almost a week now and you're telling this now?" well, it's been so long that as soon as i came back i just jumped into submitting a wallpaper (Christmas Joy) and commenting on all your stuff and i must say, OMG, you've all been busy! i mean, seriously...

God, i have missed so much. do you know how tiring (and wonderful) it is to be constantly amazed and never stop commenting? My best so far was C.C by silvermoonlitsoul... that is really something... i mean, i never knew that green could make such an excellent background! and then there was "Happiness is.." by moonsailor... that was nice too, i mean, despite being Non-photoshopped i find some mysterious aura in raw art you know, those that are not completely filled pixel by pixel in colors... i mean, i never color... i usually sketch but in PC ofcourse, paint bucket's my necessity.

the one that really cracked me up was Kugen's Christmas Card, "Ichigo and Santa" you've got to see it y'all. it is Hillarious!

so anyway, i'm back... i might go off again but for now, i'm back and what a timing... back in christmas... k, Catch y'all later!

Creativity splurge (April 19, 2009)

It's sunday and i'm bored... i don't spend time like you guys might on a sunday. Rose (names changed - NC) is in bahrain, Ash (NC)is enjoying in italy without me (how dare she!) and basically, all of my friends are out having fun... (i can't cause dad's busy)so, i'm stuck at home watching TV or going online and as opposed to what you might think, there isn't much on TV on a sunday except some movies perhaps that i have already seen a 100 times... so, today would have been a particularly devastating day if it hadn't been for tsubasa chronicles.... watching awesome anime inspires me to write... (including night time (expecially moonlit one's) and rainy days) so, i got a story idea. it's similar to CCS ... i mean it has the same concept.... accidentally finding magical powers and all. but, the important thing is, it killed great time. i completed 2 chapters.. each is about 7 pages long so i'm supposed to re-edit it.... awesome, more killing time...... but the best thing about today, i created this world and i'm so proud of the design... so far (4 pm.. not EST) my day has been fantastic!

i can't wait to see episode 56 (or is it 55.. 57?) of naruto tommorow and ofcourse episode 13 of tsubasa chronicles..

hope you all had a great day today too!

Unshed tears (April 18, 2009)

ohhh.... i don't believe this! i don't believe this! how can one be soo cruel? how? why? what the hell will the dimension witch do with syaoran's relation with sakura? what the f will she do with that? i can't believe this is happening. it's sweet of him teling he'll do it because even if she doesn't remember him, he wants to save her and all but still.... i hate yuuko!

and after all that fighting syaoran lovingly gives her the feather and what does she say, (In episode 6, there is no video in youtube with english subtitles so couldn't load it and besides i watch it on animefreak not youtube..)WHAT DOES SHE SAY? "who...who are you?" She says who are you? oh man, i cried so much when that happened.... syaoran didn't even cry, he just stood in the rain, staring and staring at nothing.... oh man, that was such a heartbreaker...... how can she not remember syaoran?