Ohio! Hello... Welcome to My world!
This is officially my diary while Chronicles is My Personal Anime Central.. so, Welcome to Twinkle Secrets!
I won't give introduction because you probably know me and if you don't there's always chronicles But as an introduction, here are my quiz results:

Firstly, I was Born in Fantastic February!

Violet is the birth flower for people who are born in February. The Violet symbolizes faith, modesty, virtue and purity. If your birth flower is Violet, You maintain your cool in difficult situations and work hard to get out of them. Your intuitive ability is worth mentioning. You have very strong willpower. You are original and mature. willpower. You are original and mature. You don't copy others. You don't copy others.

Since your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you are born under the influence of Uranus. You are likely to break normally followed conventions. You prefer to pave your own path rather than follow the path taken by others. You are an intelligent person. You possess lots of creative talent and you should pursue your artistic abilities to gain fame for yourself. Always be in touch with your creative side.

Oh jeesh.. pressure pressure

QUIZ RESULTS CREDITS - so many apps and quizzila all around the web...

Most awesome day! :) :)

Today i did two of my best anime wallpapers yet and i am so happy..
Here they are:
1)Spring wishes by Kero
2)Lelouch - destroy to create..

Hope y'all like it!

Oh no! -- How could i 4gt? !!!!!

Ok, technically.. i didn't forget... i just didn't celebrate it on Otaku..

I'm talking about someone's birthday. Someone who's very sweet and i've been a fan of her from forever... how could i forget to celebrate her birthday on Otaku?
No, i'm not talking about a friend... Sakura!!!!

Yes, yesterday was April 1... Cardcaptor Sakura's birthday and i didn't post anything on that yesterday!!.. oh no.. i promise i'll make it up to you -- a wallpaper, pretty soon, dedicated to what i like the most about you! that's only fair, right? No.. but almost..

So either way, Belated birthday wishes Sakura!! -- {god, i am such a sakura-fan-maniac!}

QUIZ - What kind of imagination do you have?

I love taking quizzes and here's one i took just now in quizzila...

Bright Imagination

Your thoughts consist mostly about things that would make any person that could see your thoughts smile. You like to think about things from a lighter view, and are optimistic and cheerful most of the time. You like things that are colorful and draw attention to the eyes. At times you can be naive, but things usually work out in the end. The things you can think up and draw from your imagination can brighten up anyone's day and make them feel amazing. You have a special gift of making people around you feel better, so use it to help others who need a laugh....

You can take it here --
What kind of imagination do you have?
I'd like to know, What did you get?

Bff sequel - FAN ART entry

A continuation to yesterday's post .. The one at the right is my Adventurous Ash (the one with long flowing hair.. she actually doesn't have that long hair) and the One at the left is Charming Cheryl (the one with the butterfly clip.. she has long dark hair).. ok, i look more like Cheryl's picture in this but it i didn't want to draw two characters who look the same, so, to add more er.. character-ism i've drawn it like this.

Best Friends

I just entered a fan art challenge.. Hope my work got accepted.. and i wanted to write a little more about it so here goes...
I'll put the image as soon as it gets accepted..

My first friend was Ash (I called her that -- some shortened anagram of her name --) And she was your cool, outgoing, always pushing things too hard kind of girl. I was kind of shy back then and she always used to cough when i started talking to a guy which was very VERY embarassing... ie.. she always used to make me do things i wouldn't normally dream of. if i'd end up in jail, you can bet your life on the fact that she was with me.. it's like this:
A good friend will get you out of jail after paying your hefty bail,
But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, we fucked up.."

Next is Cheryl. Now, she was on a totally different league. She was your perfect-at-everything and yet cool kind of girl. she was pretty in a divine kind of definition and she was very good at studies. Sometimes i'd feel so stupid around her.She was a dreamer, a thinker who would always do the right thing while being fun and not a kill-joy. Once, i totally messed up in my chemistry project (i don't understand.. what will i do learning how many compounds exist, what are the chemical reactions of mettalurgy -- why should they matter TO ME?? now, bio chemistry, every-day chemistry.. LoVe chemistry.. that i get but why all that?)and she partnered up with me and saved me from getting a C on my paper...

So, these are two of my totally different friends who made my life worth every moment. And i dedicate this Fan art to the two of them.

Ok then, For now, ciao!