Ohio! Hello... Welcome to My world!
This is officially my diary while Chronicles is My Personal Anime Central.. so, Welcome to Twinkle Secrets!
I won't give introduction because you probably know me and if you don't there's always chronicles But as an introduction, here are my quiz results:

Firstly, I was Born in Fantastic February!

Violet is the birth flower for people who are born in February. The Violet symbolizes faith, modesty, virtue and purity. If your birth flower is Violet, You maintain your cool in difficult situations and work hard to get out of them. Your intuitive ability is worth mentioning. You have very strong willpower. You are original and mature. willpower. You are original and mature. You don't copy others. You don't copy others.

Since your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you are born under the influence of Uranus. You are likely to break normally followed conventions. You prefer to pave your own path rather than follow the path taken by others. You are an intelligent person. You possess lots of creative talent and you should pursue your artistic abilities to gain fame for yourself. Always be in touch with your creative side.

Oh jeesh.. pressure pressure

QUIZ RESULTS CREDITS - so many apps and quizzila all around the web...


Hello everyone!!!

Oh man... the last two months were so excruciating.... i mean, i know in the good old days people lived just fine without TV, computer etc... but see, when you've tasted freedom, would you really be happy going back to prison? i don't know what sense that made but i'm just so happy right now.....

Electricity finally came.... due to some construction work we always were short of it but now.. yay.. freedom!!!

so how have you been?

PS - Thank you so much for all your messages and dedications... seriously... after the kind of day i've had... i feel so touched.... thank you for everything... it never felt so great to be back! =)

Special thanks to Josephine12cute and Ritona Raito --- i'm so sorry i couldn't take part in your challenges... i made a card for "sweet thing" but i couldn't submit it.. but anyway i'll stop whining now...

thanks again everyone... you're all the best!

Valentines <3

Came on after a long time..

thank you for all the gifts and birthday wishes.. you guys made my day!

because i came on after a long time i decided to submit a wallie and here's my valentine submission: Blinded by your love ...

Hope y'all like it!

and hey, happy valentines day and if you're reading this, (taken from 'the' Adam) you are automatically my Vlentine!

okay, that's enough ranting, love ya! see ya all soon.. got exams n a week.. should be studying now.. hmm.. k, **fly kiss** bye! =)

Unpublished wallie by choice

This is my latest wallie which i didn't submit for publication yet because after making the wallpaper i realized my canvas size was 800 X 504.. damn it.. after some horrible cropping i managed 800 X 600 but it still looked horrible when expanded to 1024 canvas so, i submit it here because even though it didn't come out great AT ALL (i must be losing my touch) i put quite some effort to it.

Hope you like it...

i'm not in a mood to salvage the psd file and expand it appropriately and all because well, if you haven't noticed, i haven't been online much lately which is why i decided to make a wallie contribution .. bad luck about the canvas size but still...

so, how y'all been? =)

Together <3 wallie using josephine's line art

I finally improved (atleast a little) my coloring skills!

I did a wallpaper using josephine12cute's lineart "my boo"
check it out and let me know what you think!
Together <3

Temptation : all eyes on you texture

I recently did a card of the type i never do, you know dark and deep kind of :
All eyes on you

But for some reason, i can't find this texture on deviant art but i do remember getting on deviant art so, since i can't send a link to it, i'll upload the image here.