Ohio! Hello... Welcome to My world!
This is officially my diary while Chronicles is My Personal Anime Central.. so, Welcome to Twinkle Secrets!
I won't give introduction because you probably know me and if you don't there's always chronicles But as an introduction, here are my quiz results:

Firstly, I was Born in Fantastic February!

Violet is the birth flower for people who are born in February. The Violet symbolizes faith, modesty, virtue and purity. If your birth flower is Violet, You maintain your cool in difficult situations and work hard to get out of them. Your intuitive ability is worth mentioning. You have very strong willpower. You are original and mature. willpower. You are original and mature. You don't copy others. You don't copy others.

Since your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you are born under the influence of Uranus. You are likely to break normally followed conventions. You prefer to pave your own path rather than follow the path taken by others. You are an intelligent person. You possess lots of creative talent and you should pursue your artistic abilities to gain fame for yourself. Always be in touch with your creative side.

Oh jeesh.. pressure pressure

QUIZ RESULTS CREDITS - so many apps and quizzila all around the web...

My 1st professional fanart

I've always wanted to do fanart but i just never seemed to get it right..
i don't know, something about the pen tool was just ridiculously daunting so today i accidentally discovered the options in the 'line' tool which can make it just like the simple line in MS paint. i was overjoyed and hence i did this!
Friends forever

i'm really pleased with this
Pop question: "which one do you think is me?"

Alright, dedicated to silver-chan

Hope y'all like it! >Njoy!<

Status update -- beautiful quote :)

I was searching for some beautiful quotes and many one words (irony.. many one word's' ha ha.. yeah, yeah.. lame.. ) to describe a person (for E-kun's challenge) when suddenly came across my friend's status, "i don't want a happy ending because that means that it will end, i want forever love"

i just immediately knew i had to use it in a card so i did!
you can check it here: Love that lasts forever

a part of my explanation is gone, where i mentioned to whom i had dedicated it and why plus the credits but at the time when he commented, it was there so it's fine.

as for credits, i was searching for a Bio related topic for my seminar so i needed some MS power point templates so i logged into Microsoft office and here's the thing about being an otaku, you find an image anywhere you just feel like doing some manipulation to it. so yeah, all my textures are from the image gallery of MS office. the main image is from a render site.. think it was called .png archive or something and font is from dafont -- where else? =)

Hope y'all like it!

64 QUESTIONS --- 4m alexa-chan and e-kun

i was bored so i was searching for any questions and i was just scrolling through alexa's guestbook after a reply when i saw this tag by ecnelisterger and decided to give it a try =) here i go! >>64 Questions you’...

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wallie in a bad mood...

This is what happens if you try to make a wallpaper in a bad mood.

or at least, this is what happened when 'I' tried to make a wallpaper in a bad mood...
Dreams in my eyes

But i gotta admit, the words were already there. i have a list of personal life quotes so that has nothing to do with my mood .. so i like the title. the wallie.. >meh<

Tough and beautiful -- challenge entry

I've been taking part in a lot of challenges lately and this is my latest challenge quest: "tough and beautiful" by xnotunderstood

i really liked the theme of it... it's quite unique and worth a look.

this is my submission to it Strong & lethal! ;)

hope y'all like it!

If you wanna take part, check out the challenges page!