Ohio! Hello... Welcome to My world!
This is officially my diary while Chronicles is My Personal Anime Central.. so, Welcome to Twinkle Secrets!
I won't give introduction because you probably know me and if you don't there's always chronicles But as an introduction, here are my quiz results:

Firstly, I was Born in Fantastic February!

Violet is the birth flower for people who are born in February. The Violet symbolizes faith, modesty, virtue and purity. If your birth flower is Violet, You maintain your cool in difficult situations and work hard to get out of them. Your intuitive ability is worth mentioning. You have very strong willpower. You are original and mature. willpower. You are original and mature. You don't copy others. You don't copy others.

Since your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you are born under the influence of Uranus. You are likely to break normally followed conventions. You prefer to pave your own path rather than follow the path taken by others. You are an intelligent person. You possess lots of creative talent and you should pursue your artistic abilities to gain fame for yourself. Always be in touch with your creative side.

Oh jeesh.. pressure pressure

QUIZ RESULTS CREDITS - so many apps and quizzila all around the web...

You belong with me -- :) :) :)

Today none of the anime videos were loading so i couldn't watch any from start to end and when you wait 15 minutes just for the first 5 minutes of the video to load which by the way, restarts at the end of the 5th minute, you kind of tend to lose your cool... so, i switched to music video... and oh, i love this song and beautiful lyrics!

You're on the phone
with your girlfriend
she's upset
she's going off about
something that you said
she doesn't get your humor
like i do

i'm in my room
it's a typical tuesday night
i'm listening to the kind of music
she doesn't like
she'll never know your story
like i do

but she wears short skirts
i wear t-shirts
she's cheer captain
and i'm on the bleachers
dreaming about the day
when you wake up and find
that what you're looking for
has been here the whole time

if you could see
that i'm the one
who understands you
been here all along
so why can't you
see you belong with me
you belong with me.

walking the streets
with you and your worn out jeans
i can't help thinking
this is how it ought to be
laughing on a park bench
thinking to myself
hey, isn't this easy?

and you've got a smile
that could light up this whole town
i haven't seen it in awhile
since she brought you down
you say you're fine
i know you better than that
hey whatchu doing
with a girl like that


oh, i remember
you driving to my house
in the middle of the night
i'm the one who makes you laugh
when you know you're about to cry
and i know your favorite songs
and you tell me about your dreams
think i know where you belong
think i know it's with me

can't you see
that i'm the one
who understands
been here all along
so why can't you see?
you belong with me.

have you ever thought
just maybe
you belong with me?

Here's the video link:
(I tried to embed it but i don't suppose the link's working so here's teh direct link to it)

Don't forget to tell if ya liked it!

Happy easter! :) :)

As the silver white days melt into spring,
and the homecoming birds joyfully sing..
Every blooming flower spreads a joyful cheer..
Rejoice, the season of new promises is here!


A Common personality test -- interesting.. :) :)

I saw this on so many worlds.. i don't know who to say to write copied from so the title is: A Common personality test -- intresting! :)

(For the record, i recently saw it in sasariofred's world)

How EMO are you?
[] you own at least 5 black shirts
[] you like skinny jeans
[x] you’re listening to music right now.. Taylor swift songs
[] you have painted your fingernails black before
[x] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/ mp3/ itunes.... deleted most to conserve space..
[] Like the color black
[] dislike most girly girls
[x] have dyed your hair dark or want to... I have Dark hair..
[x] sometimes like to be alone
[] hate popular music... i hate the screaming one's but i kind-a.. kind-aaa.. like Tik Tok by Kesha .. depends on my mood
[x] keep hair in front of your face (I have strands of hair like bangs at the front of my face most of the time..)
[] have given people evil stares.. Just one in each year since 8th grade..
[#] don't get along with parents (during exam months...)
[ ] Life sucks for you
[x] have been called emo
[#] Dislike the colors pink, teal and baby blue .. I HATE BRIGHT PINK, BRIGHT RED.. but blue is fine.. teal.. didn't know it existed...
[x] Complain a lot
[] owned a studded belt or want one
[] listen to rock, metal, screamo music.

Total: 8

How SLUTTTY are you?
[] own more than 10 mini shorts
[] have kissed more than 2 people in one night
[] have been called a slutt
[] sometimes likes to drink
[] ever wore low cut shirts
[] have been called a teasee
[] Flirt with every guy!
[x] love the opposite sex.... ofcourse -- nothing slutty in it!
[] always going/having to parties/sleepovers
[] own 5 tube tops
[] you kiss because you think its fun

Total: 1

How JOCK-y are you?
[] Own at least 5 jerseys
[] Have 10 or more trophies
[x] Wear hair in ponytail like everyday with bangs at the front
[] Love sports
[] Own 5 or more sweatpants
[x] Don't wear makeup.. natural beauty! :P :)
[] Have / had played lacrosse
[] Play more than 2 sports
[] Can play a sport if you’ve never played it before
[] You play/played Basketball on a team (I tried and did a fatal duck instead of catching the ball when it was passed ... it rebounded off a tree and..... ouch..no one got hurt but.. "coach, I.. I.." .. No point in saying i am no longer in the basketball team...) :P :P
[] You play/played baseball- softball on a team
[] You play/ played soccer on a team... i play with my bro... who is immune to my dangerous kicks...
[x] You play/played volleyball on a team
[] You run/ran track
[] You play/ played football on a team
[] Been called a jock
[] Have set a record
[] Are friends with your coach
[] Love watching sports
[] can do 15 push ups without getting tired

Total: 3

How NERD-y are you?
[] wear your pants at your waist
[] have/had braces/or getting
[] in advanced classes
[] On Math team
[] Have all A’s... some..
[] Like spending time with your parent(s)
[] have been called a nerd
[] are *annoyed* or bullied
[x] LOVE to learn
[] Like your teachers
[] Watch history channel
[x] never go anywhere on the weekends
[] Have been called weird
[#] scared to talk to the opposite sex.... just my crush.. what if i say the wrong thing? Too much at risk...
[] Don't have pics of yourself on facebook
[x] read a book a month
[x] You read on your last spring break
[] Have your own website
[] wear pocket protectors

Total: 4.5

How PREP are you?
[] you own mostly aeropostale
[] you like to shop at Forever 21
[] charlotte rousse
[] wet seal/ delia*s
[x] you do/have cheerleaded... with normal dress... but at the top of my lungs!!
[] you like rap/hip hop music
[x] you like to go to parties.... not the night ones with drinks and stuff... the ones in the afternoon hosted by a friend with batch mates (21 to be exact) one in particular was awesome.. will tell in my next post....
[] you enjoy yourself no matter what.. mood swings ... depends
[x] you like the colors blue,yellow, green
[] for the most part, you're organized.

Total: 3

Multiply each number by 5 then repost as “_% stereotype"

Emo- 40%
Slutty- 5%
Jock- 15%
Nerd- 22%
Prep- 15%

What's your's??

I made it to the front page!! :) :)

Ok, it may not sound great to all you awesome artist friends of mine (whose art must have been featured like ..a lot!) but to me.. I AM SO HAAPPPYYY!!! because i really did love this wallpaper so much and yes, Otaku thinks so too!

As of now, Right now, My "Spring wishes from Kero" is on the front page of Wallpapers in the Most active in the last 24 hrs category... ie as soon as you click on wallpapers, you can see it! -- YAY! It was on the fourth page today morning... and now 1st page!

Oh.. and just found out... Lelouch wallpaper is on the second page!! and listed as 6th in leaderboard ranking.. **faints with elation**

Simple & Real -- A Test of your friendship! :)

I recieve lots of e-mails as forwards from my friends and sometimes, if i've been offline for a long time, i just rush through each.. (Most of them are wallpapers and repeat forwards) but this one caught my eye. It was very nice.. here it is:

SImple and real - A Test of your Friendship

A simple friend when visiting acts like a guest
A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself

A simple friend has never seen you cry
A real friend's shoulder is soggy with your tears

A simple friend doesn't know your parent's first name
A real friend has their phone numbers in their address book

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party
A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean

A simple friend yawns when you call after they've gone to bed
A real friend asks you why you took so long to call

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history
A real friend could blackmail you with it!

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them
A real friend hopes to always be there for you

A simple friend reads this e-mail and deletes it
A real friend passes it on and sends it back to you!

OR For you my online friends,

A simple online friend reads this and smiles
A real online friend reads this and replies

So, who are you?