A Poem

"Au Revoir”

One smile, One hi,
Together we laugh, Together we cry,
And our special hi-fi;
And promise’s made we’ll never say goodbye.

Friends forever Our bond’s strong,
Not one right Not one wrong;
Mistakes we commit, anger we get
But friends forever, ‘Goodbye’ we never bade.

Friendship’s tough, Love’s tougher,
May be true, May be a bluffer
Divided we stand, Together we fall
But for goodbye we still don’t call.

You and me, He and I,
Together we walk Side by side,
Possessive and a little shy,
Thoughts arise, ‘Is this the goodbye?’

School ends, College ends,
Getting’ in jobs Our path bends,
We get into the races of rat
‘Goodbye’, now what for is that?

Time flew, Miles flew,
Distance prevailed, Smiles few;
Phoning me, phoning you
Never still knew the meaning of adieu.

Secrets we kept In ‘super secret swear’
Do you know to me They were never so mere?
I believed every word you spoke
Until you bid goodbye and our promise broke.

All along I kept crying
Through my tears our friendship kept dying
Scared, I was, I held my breath
When in your eyes I saw the fear of death.
At once I did realize
And acted to your very surprise
I held your hand and promised you
I won’t let anyone any harm to you do.

I still remember the day when your voice choke
The day I thought our friendship broke
The day I thought that I must
But bid goodbye to our trust.
But today, after still long
I realize our ‘love’ was strong.
Yes, it was true love and nothing fake
For each other our life was at stake.
Yes, true love was it I understand now
I want to see your face can’t imagine how.
I remember you try telling your feelings to me
With only the result that I couldn’t see.
But now I know that I love you
So I can’t bid you an adieu
When you asked me to forget you through a tear
But all I could say was ‘au revoir’.