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uh.. i'm back. new year! it's been an.. experience. i uh.. i-i have nothing new. what the hell have i been doing. i think the last i posted was about 9 months ago. back in april. i don't even.. well, i don't know. a lot happened in that time. i mo...

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a gamer's thoughts, pt 2.

i really don't know what i'm goin' to talk about with this one. i was raging yesterday, but i'm a little more chill today. hm.. well, as i've already told friendly user Crimson-Rose that i'd talk about pokemon, i guess we'll go with that first....

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a gamer's thoughts.

hello again, everyone. long time. i wanted to share with you my whole view of gaming and games. the reason is: i've been lurkin' everywhere video game related for a few weeks now and all i've been seeing is people complainin' about this game, or that creator, or this company's past efforts compared to today's efforts. also, i've been seeing the term "gamer" thrown around a lot, too. so, keep a steady head, and feel free to leave me a lot of criticism if you don't agree with me, as i take you down a journey through my mind.

first off, "gamers". i don't know what peoples' interpretation of the word is, other than the fact that "if you play games, you're a gamer" and whatnot. but, i don't believe that. it's not about who has the better console, or the number of games one has. you can't buy a $200 headset for your shallow $60 fps on your $12 a month subscription fee bearing console and call yourself a goddamn gamer. it's how much of your time you put into games. every game. it's also how you experience the game, how much of it you let yourself grasp. how you interpret the story, what you relate to. you're not just looking blankly at a screen for hours mashin' that a button, or that x button, or whatever key to skip through cutscenes. you take it all in for what it's worth. and you mold your own opinion of every game. not jump on the "let's hate/love this so-and-so 'this one's just like this one but worse/better'" bandwagon. 'cause every game has its own story. and every addition to a series adds more to the lore. there's so much to experience, and i don't like seeing a game being bashed because this big wig gaming magazine gave it a low review. and i don't agree with these young kids getting the latest call of duty, winning one match (didn't even contribute, the team won) and thinking they're top dog. just like these guys who "go pro" and have big heads about it. don't get me wrong, i love watching competitive gaming, it's just that they're all sticking to one genre, and anything else sucks. if it doesn't reap rewards, it isn't worth it. now, i'm sure that's not exactly how it goes, but that's what it seems like. that is what they are portraying. far as i'm concerned, competitive gamers aren't really gamers, they're performers who use their talent in order to entertain. like actors, or athletes, or strippers. just a few professions that are in the same vein. i'm sure i went off point there, but my point is, becoming a gamer is as easy as.. i don't know. i typed and deleted a few witty comparisons, but i can't decide on one. let's just go with it being as easy as.. picking up a controller? i lost it.

next, past efforts vs. current releases. as expected, i'll talk about final fantasy. and for the final fantasy segment of this, i'll type properly (because of roman numerals). This is personal for me. My friends all play Final Fantasy as much as I do. And they pretty much say the same thing. "X is better than Y." In my personal opinion, III is my favorite. I loved the story, I couldn't get enough the job system, and I really appreciated the remake they did for the DS. But, I like the rest of the series as well. As a matter of fact, I love XIII. I play it whenever I get the chance. I think it did so much for the series. But, there is a dark side. XIII-2. Hm.. It was a great game, but I think it would've been okay to leave it out. I like both the past efforts and the current releases. Because I look forward to new games and new stories. My friends don't agree. "XIII was just a money grabber." "The leveling system wasn't good enough." The leveling system is reminiscent of X. What was the problem? I loved X's sphere system. And the money grabbing? VII started off as a revolution in 3D RPG's, or whatever. But, it got so popular, it spawned all of these spin-offs that dragged on, much like how XIII is doing now. For VII, I enjoyed the game, it was a good story.. but the spin-offs are what I like. Crisis Core is on my list of favorite games. I like the Final Fantasy series. There are amazing storylines, great characters, wonderful places and it never ceases to amaze me. Honestly.. Final Fantasy was the only thing I wanted to defend. well, zelda too. what with this new zelda that's been announced for the 3ds, which i'm excited for because it looks like a link to the past. i can't wait.

well, i might have to make this a two part discussion, because i have to get to work here in about 3 minutes and i've still got stuff to talk about. so, with that said, i think kingdom hearts: dream drop distance is needlessly complicated and it takes some getting used to, but i'm glad i finally have it. see you around, everyone.

decisions, decisions.

so, i have enough money for a wii u now. i have a wii, so i don't have to do much but buy the system since all my wii remotes and everything will be compatible with it. but, i'm wondering, i'll have enough left over for one game, but i don't know which game to get. i'm really looking forward to getting new super mario bros. u, 'cause my friends and i are hooked and we're still playing new super mario bros. wii. but, on the other hand, i've been really interested in this monster hunter 3 ultimate that's been all over the place. surprisingly, i have not played any monster hunter games before, but i hear it's all the rage. and this new monster hunter has me really intrigued, but i wonder if it'll be worth it. the only game i've played that may be in the same vein would be ragnarok odyssey. i really liked ragnarok, but i couldn't carry on with it. in rpg games, 'specially online ones, i solo a lot. ragnarok did not encourage soloing. that's the only thing i'm worried about with monster hunter. would i HAVE to party up with other people to complete certain quests? will i always have to find people to play with? the reason for these questions stem from my current experience with wow (and the fact that i've been a solo gamer since age 4. i didn't get into multiplayer games until the 64, and that was super smash bros.) i solo that a lot, the only time i party up is when i need to do dungeon quests. and that's a hassle for me because sometimes i don't feel like i'm doing enough, and the loot drops. it's like everyone has a problem with someone else when they get loot. there's the whole need/greed system. and everyone clicks the greed button to hell, and i got bitched out enough for taking an item that i needed. so, needless to say, i still solo and avoid people. so, my question to everyone who reads this is, if you've played any monster hunter games, or have played the new monster hunter 3 ultimate, is it worth it? or should i stick to getting the super mario game? i'm trying to budget a bit so i could get both games, but it's not looking so good right now. but, if anyone has any input, i'd greatly appreciate it. thank you, and good morning to everyone.

dem feels

i like to randomly watch anime that'll make me feel sad. it kind of reminds me that i'm a human being and not some heartless monster who would sooner murder someone's face off than say "hello" at times. my favorites in this category are usagi drop, ano natsu de matteru, that one with the real long name about not remembering a flower that someone saw one summer or something, angel beats mainly because the ending makes me crawl under my blankets and lie in a fetal position for a few hours, and a few others i can't recall at the moment. i just thought i'd share that with everyone.