8: 34 p.m.

“Yes, I’ll be at the airport in two hours.” Long slender fingers placed a cell phone in its holder. A tiny red light flashed off white adolescent skin. “Now charge this time.” A medium voice scolded the machine.

A door in the back opened. A figure stepping inside the large hotel room. “Sir.” The English bell boy said. “The cab is here. If you’re ready?”

“Very, well.” Near turned to face the youth. “I thank you very much.”

“No, Sir. We thank you for your patronage.” The boy said smiling grabbing Near’s grip and walking the elevator.

“Indeed.” Near murmured, stepping into the elevator. “To him this would be nothing…” Near mussed aloud talking in reference to L. He knew that if he had been L the hotel would have been the finest. Here he was though an seventeen year old young man, and had moved more than anyone could have imagined.

“May, I be so bold as to ask where you are traveling too, Sir?” The brunet boy inquired.

‘Maybe it would be alright to say…..’ Near twirled a lock of his shaggy white curls. “I’m off for business in America.”

“America!?” The bell boy’s shouted so loud Near almost hopped. “That’s one exciting country, that is! All those gangster and cowboys!” The boy shaped his hand into a gun and plastered himself to the wall. “If I had it right.” He straitened up. “I’d go there, for a better job.”

Near simple nodded. The automatic bell rang signing they could get out. Near shuffled out and took his bags from the boy. “Here. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Thank you, Sir!” The boy skipped off to show off his earnings to the other kids.

Near stepped out into a drizzle. “Great.” He mumbled to no one, pulling his bags to the back of the cab. An assistant finally came and push Near toward the car door. He got in. And soon coated the leather seat in water drops when he shook, much like a dog, to rid himself of the water. He gave the address and waited for the air port to come in view.

Once at the air way. Near took a thin suit case with him. He was insistent all the way from Brittan to America to hold this particular case.

He stepped off the plain to be greeted by a limousine waiting for him. Little American flags fluttered in the wind. Near felt the natural urge to take the ornaments and place them on a castle or something. He dismissed that thought though the minute the head of the FBI came out of the car.

“Welcome to the United Sates.” He said shortly. The man was a little taller than Near. Sporting a nave blue suit and bald head. A well trimmed mustache adorned his face. His face was kind with an underlying serious tone. Near thought he could get along fine with this man.

“Thank you, Director Mason.” Near said with a light bow. “I’m sure with you and the co-operation of your president, we can finally put the Kira case to rest.”

The man raised a brow at Near’s odd manners. The youth before was interesting alright. He was completely white. With large vacant eyes that were stained with an edge of blue/gray. Shaggy curly white hair completely hid his ears and forehead. His clothes were two sizes to big and hung loosely. White skin, hair, shirt, pants, and …. shocks? It just dawned on him the boy wasn’t wearing any shoes. Only simple white socks….

Near looked down at his feet, and gave a small chuckle. “I do hate shoes.” He said moving to pick back up the case.

“I’m sorry.” The man said. “Please come in and we can talk while we go to head quarters. If what you say you have in genuine information, I’m sure we can convince the president to aid you. I have to ask though. Why is this Kira case so important to someone, who should be just now attending collage?”

Near climbed into the car and tugged at a lock of his hair. “I inherited the case when my mentor passed on. I will not make the mistakes he did. I shall win. For I am justice.”

The men stared into each others eyes for a while. Near knew he had just used the key phase L always said to verify his identity.

“Who are you?” The man said with interest. “You suddenly hack my computer and requested to have a meeting to complete the worst murder case. You talked like it was a serious game. I thought it was L, come back from Japan. But, seeing you. I’m not sure I understand.”

“I am L’s only successor. A child chosen from many. However. Because there is still a false ‘L’ in Japan. I can not take this title for fear of confusion and rebellion. I am Near. Don’t ask for any other identification. For I have none. I assure you though.” Near sat forward in his seat. And stared with those open eyes. “When I have Kira’s head and the false L in my power. I will take what is lawfully mine and continue this ultimate legacy.”

‘What determination.’ He could feel himself getting warm yet scared from the power emitting from the mysterious youth. He simply nodded in understanding. And pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his head with. “I did as you requested and as you’ve sent me files, I’ve handed over to the president. He seems happy with what he has seen so far.”

“Again, thank you.” Near repeated “I’m glad to see people who respect this choice as much as you have, Sir.”

Mason shook his head. “No, it us who must thank you, Near.” He opened the case to look over the twenty some odd disc that sat in stacked compartments. “You came out, like L did, even though you knew the risk it was.”

Near quirked his smile and turned his head like a pup. “It’s nothing really. I simply believe that L made the mistake of staying too near his enemy. And he was working with people who would rather have money and sweet bribes from Kira then loose their lives for what’s right. Your country has an independent streak that will prove more persistent in time. I like rough people, who appreciate a good game of cops and robbers.”

Games? Cops and robbers? Oh. What the hell…… “We will do everything in our power to ensure your safety.” Mason said. “There are many places you can stay in after all.” He leaned forward toward the teen. “And even if the president won’t accept your terms, I’ll try to get you some kind of help. I’ve never seen such hard evidence against one person in my entire carrier.”

“From the ground up.” Near said with a little pride. “And please don’t go out of your way for me. I can get around quite fine on my own.”

"Forgive me for being negative. But, do you have anyone waiting for you, Near? Some family? Friends? I might like to know. Just in case something happens on the field.”

Near thought for a moment. “Yes.” He said quietly. “There is someone I meet once who I would like to have around if I die.” He took out a paper that had the file of a young woman on it.

“Sharmaine Eriks?” The older man looked over the file. “She is seventeen. English by birth. Strawberry/blond.” He halted looking closer at the picture. “Those have to be the biggest green eyes I’ve ever seen.” The old man was soooo bad. He knew this girl’s family but, if the boy liked games maybe he would like a surprise too?

Near continued looking to the side with a slight pink tint to his face, “Like the spring ivy ….” He twirled a lock of hair “I’ve only known her a while. But, I knew she was the kindest, most generous and smart girl I’d had the pleasure of being acquainted to.”

Mason smiled softly and handed the file back. “I hope it works out.”

Near didn’t hear him, in his own little world for the rest of the ride.

6:56 p.m.

The red Honda pulled into the driveway of the country mansion. The two figures who hopped out wearily trudged into the house, not bothering to lock the heavy oak door.

“Well, that was a bust.” Matt whined throwing himself on the sofa. “The kids gotten smart, Mel. He really buried that stuff deep." he stopped to think a minute "Not that he wasn’t smart when he was here.” He added as an after thought shrugging.

“I don’t need the things that belong to him. Things that put him a step before me. I’m going to get things rolling my way. He may be smart, but how smart?” Mello sat on the opposite side of the plush cushions, removed a silver wrapped bar and tore it with his teeth. He spit out the foil and let the candy slide into his mouth. He viciously sucked on it while thinking of what they had done to rouse Near. The boy acted as though he didn't know who they were. Was he fibbing? Or did he really forget Matt's methods already? Both options were just as likely to be true as they were not. But, that really didn't matter. For now he needed to move. This place was a hot zone and if they tried to catch Kira here it could be a disaster.

“Matt.” He said turning to the gamer. “How do you feel about going to America?”

Matt sat looking at Mello like his brain had fried. “Why would we go to America?”

“The land of the free, right?” Mello snapped another piece off causing Matt to wince as particles flew around. “We go there and we can find some of the worst criminals in the world. If we get in good with them, we can use them to find Kira before Near does.”

“How do we know that it will work in our favor? How do you know if when we get to this magic country Kira just doesn’t kill us there, huh?” Matt’s displeasure shone on his face. “And if we join another group, you’ll have to work as an underdog again. What do we do about the guy’s we have here? I’m not going to kill them for a long shot, Mel.”

“I said nothing about killing them, Mattie.” Mello waved a gloved finger “In fact if things go well. I’ll be sending for those guys not long after. I’ll give them code 145Q. When it activates, they will go back to their lives till I call. And you know I never forget my friends.” The hand came to rest on Matt’s shaggy head, softly stroking it.

Matt felt himself getting drowsy under that hands gentle pressure massaging his acing skull. Then he pulled away suddenly and pulled out his Game Boy instead, he maybe lazy but sleep was not wanted right now. Mello’s hand held for a moment before dropping back on the couch. They sat in perfect silence. Matt played and Mello thought.

‘I guess it’s not such a bad idea.’ Matt thought ‘It will be very new. But, if Mello thinks it will help then...I guess it’s worth a chance? I’ve erased all of his and mines files from Whammy’s, and the banks and just about every other place you can think of that has our names and faces.’ He stole a glance at the scarred man. It seemed that Mello was already forming plans in his head by the look on his face. ‘I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to go.’

“Umm.” Matt said nudging Mello with the toe of his boot. “Mel?”

“Yes?” Mello looked at the gamer and saw an almost uncertain look behind his goggles. “Have you been thinking over my plan?” Mello sounded more eager than he meant too.

“Well.” Matt mumbled wondering why he was going to agree with this. “I don’t see the harm in giving it a chance.” Matt pulled off his eye shields and frowned at his boss. “But, if one thing goes wrong we quit and come back, right? I’m not going to die for nothing, Mello, not at all. If we get there and we find it’s not going according to your plan. We kill the guy’s we can and get the hell out of there. We come back and live out our lives the way we had planned too.”

“Right. Right.” Mello waved his hand with an air of not caring. “If it gets sticky we’ll pack up.” He settled back on his bottom and began humming a tune that Matt hadn't heard before.

“What that?” He asked still watching Mello’s content face. “I haven’t heard you hum or sing since before the accident.”

Mello opened his eyes and gave a weak smile. “Oh. Well.” He fumbled with his chocolate, and took in a breath. “It’s too stupid to talk about. Really, Matt.”

Matt watched him carefully from the corner of his eye. “I’m not gonna laugh, Mel’s. I’m glad to see you look so happy for a change.” He tried to stop the chuckle that started to form in the back of his throat. It escaped into the air, causing Mello to glance his way.

“Well.” Mello started a light pink again rising in his cheek. “Don’t say I didn’t tell you to not make fun of me.” He put the chocolate down in his lap and stared at the wall. It was like he was somewhere else. “That song....is the only memory of home I have.”

“Home?” Matt asked in turn. “You mean Germany? I’ve never heard much about that place either.” He folded his long legs under himself and waited for the story to unfold.

“Germany!?” Mello turned and raised an eyebrow at the red head, who in turn looked taken back. “I’ve no memories of my home ‘Country’. The home I’m talking about is Whammy’s. I actually learned that song from Watari. He was taking me to the orphanage, and I got tried out really fast. I was so weak.” Mello broke off and started thinking. “Anyway. I started to get sleepy and I was leaning on L. Who was getting sick and couldn’t sing at the time, so Watari started to hum then sing that song. When I had rested, I asked him about it.” Mello bit his bar and slowly chewed. “He started to sing it and I followed along. After the second time of it, I had learned the whole thing.” He shifted around. “A few weeks past and L got sick. Poor guy was in bed for a week. So, I sat on the edge of his bed and sang that song for him. He smiled and told me it was the sweetest tune he had ever heard. Of course he was exaggerating but, it was nice.” He shook his head his blond locks brushing his shoulders to and fro. “It’s the best and only sentimental thing I let stay in my mind." The poor guy looked like a emotional mess "I really miss them, Matt.” He finished facing his friend.

Matt smiled and placed a hand on Mello’s thin shoulder. “I bet he wasn’t exaggerating. You know he never lied when we were kids. He said it made a person unable to hold their head up high. He loved us like we were his brothers. The faster we catch Kira, the sooner we honor L.”

"Of course." Mello sighed slumping about the arm of the couch.

"Mells? What's the song called?" Matt asked suddenly. He still hadn't turned on the game console again. And when Mello looked up he had his laptop open and set up.

"Gute Nacht" He said moving to look over Matt's shoulder. The brouzer window opened showing a list of German lullabies.

4: 44 p.m.

“Outa Shiji”
“March 13, 1984 – January 4, 2009”
“Loving Father and Companion”
“May God Give Him Repose”

Near stood by the tiny grave yard that now held the corpse of Outa in six feet worth of ground. He lingered by the modest grave his friend occupied and finished cleaning his marker. He had heard somewhere that cleaning a loved ones grave gave the soul a clear view of both worlds. Not that he was sure Outa wanted to see what happened in this miserable world, but he could see his family when they came to visit.

“I’m sorry, my friend.” He whispered tracing the name engraved on the stone marble. “I thought we were safe from the monster that dares to call himself God. I swear. I shall find him no matter what I must do and bring him to his knees. I am justice.”

He stood and walked slowly back to the black Corvette. A man opened the door so he could slip into the leather back seat. Once he was securely in the door was closed and the man retuned to the front and started the motor. “Were shall you go, Sir?”

“Take me to the hotel.” Near mumbled to the driver. Who simply nodded and pulled out onto the open road. “But, before you do that I’ll need you to drop me for about two hours at the local ‘office’. Do you understand?” Near knew the man would as he watched the short shrug he got as a reply. “Good. I need to retrieve some things from there, then we may continue to the hotel.” He sat back for the remainder of the road. It took them twenty minutes to get to the garage that attached to the building.

Near hopped out telling the driver to wait for him. He then crossed the glass passage to his structure. And after climbing at least ten flights of stairs he reached the office.

“Hey!” A custodian stepped out of the other door. “What are you doing here so late? Don’t you know it’s closed to open office after hours?”

“I realize the property is closed to those with out a permission slip. But, I posses such a required object if you wish to see it?” Near offered. He saw the confusion clearly on the man’s bony face. “Thank you.” He said before going into the room and locking the door after him. ‘Silly man. Probably didn’t understand a word I said. I hate undermining the ignorant, but they can be a nuisance.’ Near sat at the desk and clicked on a computer.

He must have sat there for his first hour before he noticed the keys seemed to be acting on their own. He pressed the right ones to activate his firewall, stopping the mysterious typing. He watch as the furious typing stopped and stood still. Suddenly the letters became numbers and slowly began changing and forming across his monitor.

“It’s figuring out my codes!” Near stated to himself. “Alright little hacker.” He mumbled “You want something this bad, huh?” He started retyping the codes and again the movements stopped.

(Got you.) Near typed on the screen.

{Not so fast, kid.} The hacker typed back. {I’m not finished with this strand.}

(What?) Near’s fingers flew over his keys. (If you don’t stop I’ll have you arrested. There is nothing for you here. You may as well go.)

{Wrong!} The hacker replied {There is a case on here that holds some value to me.}

(*sigh* If this is for some kind of revenge, I’ll have you know that what you are looking for has already been moved and deleted from the records. Now please leave.) Near was tired and wanted to get back to his hotel for some rest. This person was stopping him from doing what was right and he didn’t want to pass the time he had given his faithful, and rather patient, driver. Knowing the man he would follow him in and break down the door if he had to, to make sure Near was alright.

After the two fought for as long as fifteen minutes, another person started typing on the screen. ‘How many are there?’ Near outwardly sighed and watched as the new person typed.

[Cut it out.] It said. [It’s no good if he already got rid of it. We can find him next time.]

{What!?} The exasperation was clear in the unknown voice. {Why!? I can get it from the main frame! I can get it!}

[Drop it.] The second said.

{…………. Fine.} The numbers, text, and hacking strands were instantly deleted from the screen. Again. Near found himself sitting as though nothing had happened. It appeared as if the two people hadn't been there.

Near sat for a while to make sure they had left checking everything from the main frame to his internet files. But, nothing was to be found. When the remaining minutes passed he packed up and left the room. But, of course not after having erased all roads the two intruders had made in his format. Escentially he destroyed the computer. But, that was the companies problem. Not his.

The building was dark as he stumbled back down the stairs to his car. But, between the seventh and eighth floors he saw two figures move away from an office that had been locked before. It was a fleeting moment, but Near was against meeting his potential hackers. So he acted as though nothing had happened and continued till he reached the bottom floors. Were he saw a red car speed passed the front window.

‘So they were in the building.’ Near thought ‘I figured they were. The trail they left didn’t go far at all. Ah, with skills like that I wouldn’t be surprised if my stalking people were Matt and Mello.’ He didn’t know how right he was.

1:17 a.m.

“Shit!” Mello screeched as the boiling liquid was poured on an open wound. He had just come back from another raid, and was letting Matt fix him up.

“Be quiet.” Matt muttered around his cigarette. “Boiling water helps to sterilize and relax the tissue, then I’ll pour on cold water to stop the swelling. After all that hell is over, I’ll remove the splinters.” He finished patting Mello’s silk locks with one hand while the other grabbed the bowl of cold water. His smile seemed to grow at the thought of Mello's situation. Oh. Bad dog he was.

Mello hissed as the freezing, numbing fluid hit the gash. “I don’t care about the water.” This caused Matt to raise a brow. “I do though… want you to STOP SMOKING WHILE TENDING OPEN FLESH!!!!!!” He ripped the stick from Matt’s lips and threw it out the open window. “There.” He said leaning back, “Don’t do it again.”

“What!?” Matt face clearly showed his shocked disapproval. “It was an innocent cigarette! You killed it!” Matt looked forlorn out the window and glared at Mello. “You nut case! You keep getting weirder and weirder since you started working without Near. If I didn’t know for a fact that you were a boy I’d swear you were a depressed, pmsing girl.”

“Oh sure.” Mello said smugly lifting his hands into the air. “Like any girl would walk around with a face and reputation that I’ve got.”

“That’s stupid, Mel.” Matt moaned, “I’m meaning your behavior. I didn’t say anything about your physic or rep.”

“Shut up, Matt.” Mello muttered fingering his rosary. “Everything’s so screwed up right now. A lot of my most trusted men got killed tonight and….” He trailed off to watch Matt pull a huge piece of metal from his kneecap.

“And what?” Matt urged the blond, turning his head up to look at Mello’s filmy eyes. His hands continued to move pouring alcohol across the open, bleeding wound. “What’s happened?”

“I’ve heard that Outa was killed by Kira. I just got the information from one of my men watching Near’s hideout. They said Outa was driving to the building when his car suddenly swerved into the side of the road, hitting the glass entrance to the bank. He stumbled out of the car falling half into the busy street were his body was hit by a fast moving vehicle. His body was picked up and the doctors report that he had died from a heart attack. Just like Kira’s other victims.”

“O-oh. My-.” Matt stuttered running a hand threw his hair. “Wow. Man.” He sat in front of Mello diving into his subconscious. “So I guess Near will half to find another aid, huh?”

“Yes. But, I know who killed Outa.” Mello winced as he put pressure on his bleeding arm. “I believe that it was Mikami who murdered him.”

Matt’s face lit up. “You think? ...... Of course! Mikami believes that Kira is a god! What better way to prove his loyalty than to kill his own best friend! He might have used Outa’s death as a way of showing his ‘repentance’. What a crappy bargain! That jerk!” Matt lit up another cigarette. “Nothing good is gonna come outa this, Ya’ know. If Miakmi has Kira’s power, as is made known threw Outa’s death, we could all be killed.”

Mello took the cigarette from Matt’s lips again and dropped it into a glass of water sitting on the counter. Ignoring the cold glare, he motioned for Matt to continue cleaning him up. “I know all that. But, he might have even done it indirectly. If he loves Kira so much, he might have just given Kira the info. And let the basterd do his dirty work for him. I might have a chance since all my records have vanished or been destroyed. There’s nothing for me to worry about at the moment. And thank god, you don’t pose as any sort of threat to this mad man. I don’t think I could handle all the technical stuff.”

Matt chuckled softly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’d die if it meant keeping things as sain as possible. But, since I’m your friend, I’ll stay as close as I can. You need a keeper, to hold your temper in check, so you can finish this case.” He lifted his goggles from his green eyes to get a better look at the gash in the older boy’s upper thigh. He didn't know how Mello could get as hurt as he was and still not have a mark. Well. Except for the scars on his upper body. But, even those had started to fade. Really if there was a God, He sure was watching this fool.

“Why did you not take the job as Near’s assistant?” Mello said unwrapping a chocolate bar. “You could have had everything as far as new computers and hacking skills.”

“Well-” SNAP! Matt winced at the noise. "I didn't think-" SNAP! “Don’t snap your damn chocolate while I’m talking!? That is by far the most irritating habit you’ve developed recently!”

“Huh.” Mello grunted letting the piece of candy hang from his mouth as he slowly sucked on it.

Matt pouted and looked back at his work. “ANYWAY. I didn’t take the job because I knew you would be treated as an outcast. Nears my friend, but I hold a lot of obligation were you are concerned. I’ve stuck with you this far. I don’t see why I should stop being the lazy mobster I am to be a good boy.” A big goofy grin spread across the redhead’s face as he finished and looked up.

Mello’s face went from mild shock to the picture of an angel. Everything about him seemed to glow with heavenly radians. His eyes soft and serene. Those thin lips curved at the corners. He placed his hand on Matt’s shoulders. “Thank you, Matt.”

“No problem, Mels.” Matt said smiling even bigger.

“Now.” Mello stated removing his hands. “Hurry up and finish. I’m getting cold sitting in just my skivies and skin.” He leaned back and took another giant chomp out of his candy.

Matt’s face fell back to the original ‘just great’ look before he sighed and went back to cleaning the blonde’s tanned skin. He was begining to wonder if even this God could save the maddening angel from falling. All he could think to do right now was search out all their info. and dispose of it before anyone tattled.

"Say, Matt?" Mello suddenly whispered looking unblinking at the still working gamer.

"Hmm?" Was all he got for an answer.

"Mikami can't tell Kira much right? I mean. If he's trying to clear himself for the big man." Mello gently pulled Matt's face up "He can't let his dirty recored out of the bag. He's gotta stay sain for the boss, am I right? And what better then to probably pay for some kinda shock treatment to clear his mind? Expecially when he just got his best friend killed? If not killed him himself?" Mello's looked like a kid again on Christmas. The candy was waiting for him and he could eat as much as he like with a clear mind.

"You gotta point there." Matt said sitting back and motioning for Mello to get dressed again. When Mello had left the room though. The poor red top hung his head and wished things were that kind to them. But, something tolled him it was not that simple. He got up and walked out telling his cat like friend "I'm gonna go out for some smokes, Mels."

"Get me somemore chocolate while your at it!" The boy shouted from his place.

All Matt did was nod and quietly leave. Needing time to think things out.

3:48 a.m.

It had been six months and Near sat in his newly acquired base working over the case in sure fury. Things with it had become more difficult and news that he wasn’t L’s successor hadn’t helped any at all. Not long after he had arrived in the foreign country had he been told that Rodger had made a mistake and that L had given his place to none other than Light. The very person L had suspected! It was outrageous! That freak had called about L's passing to Mello and others! Dirty filth should not speak that name or hold that damn title! It was HIS! Near hadn’t been this emotionally furious in many years.

“Why am I not in that very place?” Near murmured to himself through set teeth. He placed another Lego on the growing fortress he was building around himself.

“Don’t grit your teeth, Near.” Outa said from somewhere outside the Lego mess. “I think that L was controlled like so many others when he gave the position to the Yagami boy.”

“I’ve thought of that.” Near sulked “But, I’m still upset.” He pushed a part of the wall out and crawled from his fort. After looking at it for a moment, he sat next to Outa and began idly typing on the key bored.

“Stop it.” The man said “You continue and I’ll tell Mello and Matt about your little bit of defeat.” He hoped it had the effect he wanted it. And it did.

“You will not say anything!” Near hopped up. “To say anything to them is to kill any reasons I took you with me.” He began typing with even more vigor. “By the way. Have you found Mikami yet?”

It was Outa turn to sulk. “No.” He said slumping in his chair slightly. “If he was going to be joining Kira he would be were there would be plenty of activity.”

“Have you gotten the information on what the other L is doing?” Outa asked after a few moments had past.

“Just the usual, it seems.” Near clicked open a window that showed the inside of L’s fortress.

There sat Light, a rather tall slender built young man about collage age, with light brown hair that seemed perfect in every place. His tight kaki pants and stiff choler shirt made Near cringe. He was moving from computer screens to a black notebook laid out in front of him. He seemed to be taking notes of the criminals Kira had killed in it; writing their names, how they died and at what time it happened. Stupid perfectionist bitch.

Near sat looking at the screen, twirling a lock of his hair. Nothing showed openly in his huge orbs. They appeared to have this mysterious void about them As if their owner was in two places at the same time.

Shaking himself a little Outa stood up. “I’m going out. Do you need anything?”
His question was meet with silence so he left with out another word.

‘This is all he does.’ Near thought as he continued to watch his mini rival walk to get some coffee and talk with a former police agent. ‘He sits at his computers, TVs and that notebook. Just typing and looking. All day he does that, all night. He never moves.’

It’s as though on cue, Light looked up at the tiny screen. He couldn’t see Near but it’s as if he felt him. They gazed into each other for nearly five whole minutes before the same officer came to the brunet’s side.

“What’s wrong, Light?” The man asked in his home tongue. He proceeded to glance at the same spot that Light was looking at. “Do you want me to get the base cleaned?”

‘This man is so thick…’ Near thought with a smirk at Light’s dense companion. He had memorized the manes of all the people who worked with the ‘new L’.

The man with Light right now was Matsuda. A young officer who had quit the task force to continue working with L as an undercover man, although he had nearly gotten himself killed on more than one occasion. Near didn’t have to worry about this guy’s brains seeing as how L used to refer to him as ‘that stupid Matsuda.’

Mogi was the silent worker. He seemed to obey orders without question and gather information. L’s recorded said that Mogi was efficient for handling the unglamorous work. This man could posse as a problem, if crossed.

And lastly there was Soichiro Yagami, Light’s father. This man had unmatched figuring skills, and bravery to the point of it being ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as Matt’s. L had it down that when he put Light in quarantined observation, that his father had himself locked up too. His love and trust for his son was so strong that he knew seeing his child confined could drive him to even attack L.

‘I’ve got to be watchful of that one.’ Near sighed looking at Light’s file. The young chestnut was the top graduate of his high school and private lessons. Light had a record of physical feats that Near could never dream of doing. And he was the freshman representative for his collage, having scored all one hundred percents alongside L. L hadn’t trusted Yagami and therefore took him to there base for close watch. When it appeared he was innocent, L used him for his brain.

But, the file wasn’t complete since L had died. And now Light had HIS position! He just couldn't take this. It was wrong. Not just he not being L. But, the idea that Light Yagami somehow fooled L. The world's best.

Near tossed the files away from him and turned back to the screen. “Light Yagami.” He muttered to himself, “I believe L was right. You are Kira and I shall take you to prison for trial and death. If you have the gall to send people to their graves prematurely then you shouldn’t have a problem with me sending you to yours. I am justice. You are mine.” He took out a picture from his pocket and gazed at the frowning blond on it. It was all he had left of his cheerished memories. “When this is over, we can all be safe. That’s what I wish for anyway.” He placed the picture now in a hiden pocket of his shirt. And once again, turned to the cameras.