A fragment of imagination with the infinite possibilities of what it could be.
This is my little blog.
I could write something deep but honestly I don't feel like doing much.
I'm lax but very festive so i doubt you'll hate me!
And Remember Opinions are Opinions.
I will post stories on here as well so keep a lookout!

I realized I never really explained who I am.
Lets get down to the basics.
I'm 14 and I love the colors Red, Black and purple. Yellow is way to happy for me and Mac and Cheese tastes like barf (along with Lasagna)
I like the ingredients but they tastes crappy together. (Maybe its the noodle shape cuz that can really affect a meal)
If you read my posts you'll figure out more about me
Sorry for the queer Intro but you get the point....

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OKay so first week of band camp is OVER! Wooohooo! I am so sore right now. This week it was from 8 am (Everyone gets up at 6 to prepare and pick up people) to 5 pm from monday to thursday (next week i will have to go through hell again every...

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Okay. SOooooo I am done with my vacations finally, went to see the lion king (play version!) and horseback-riding for the first time ever (it was super fun). Memorized two movements in one day again(One needs practice but the other one is go...

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My PeanutButter!

So my mom wants to ban me from the peanut butter like she did with the nutella even though I barely eat it unless there is no food.she buys it like a month ahead of when I finish it. And when I do finish it she says it was emptied fast. (She doesn't even eat it and she has problems remembering things correctly so how would she know)

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pissy mood and pokemon

Warning: Uncensored cussing (very mild, I thought it would happen more often), multiple mentions of female problems, etc. Frankly, I hate the outside. I can't stand it. I also hate family vacations that involve boring things. Tak...

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Current status: Depressed

My game froze up twice..."yay"
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