A fragment of imagination with the infinite possibilities of what it could be.
This is my little blog.
I could write something deep but honestly I don't feel like doing much.
I'm lax but very festive so i doubt you'll hate me!
And Remember Opinions are Opinions.
I will post stories on here as well so keep a lookout!

I realized I never really explained who I am.
Lets get down to the basics.
I'm 14 and I love the colors Red, Black and purple. Yellow is way to happy for me and Mac and Cheese tastes like barf (along with Lasagna)
I like the ingredients but they tastes crappy together. (Maybe its the noodle shape cuz that can really affect a meal)
If you read my posts you'll figure out more about me
Sorry for the queer Intro but you get the point....

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Block Party

I have been playing on minecraft all day. There is this server called Hive and I have been obsessed with it! I love block Party! Seeing people have the floor drop from under them is hilarious! Okay and one more thing (Besides a twin skin)

Is it common to great fellow attack on titan fans with the phrase "Kill all titans?"
Well my skin is Annie! Shouldn't there be something wrong with that?!

Funny, Someone kept cheering for me and said "Shingeki no Kyogin FTW!" constantly. I ended up winning the game. haha lucky me. XD


(Tomorrow me and my name-sake friend will be Rin and Len (I am Len)
I found this download of the skins and here it was a folder full of all of them! This will be epic!)

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Spring break

So now I am on spring break and I finished all my needed homework...yesterday.
I have a 103% grade in my math class but I still want to do the extra credit. (It makes everyone mad at me!)
I've basically have just been watching abridges all the time and amvs.
Well that and I made chocolate bunny butts and heads yesterday. I had to quite (Not just because i kept eating the chocolate hehe...) because when me and my mom were making the carrots I was on a roll and she was not.
She couldn't make to green leaves as fast as I could make the body of the carrot.

Speaking of green leaves, The trees are all blooming and starting to grow leaves again! Mother nature finally realized it is spring!!!


New bed!

So I've outgrown my bed and now I am getting the one in the spare room. I now have so much space to sprawl out on!
I'm not sure if they just moved my bed (I have to check) but I just finished vacuuming up where my bed used to be (not to mention clean up what was there and move my desk to the other side of my room)
When I found out about this my dad said because of my ap grade I won't get my bed back until I raise it. Then he said that my mom and him were going to clean up from under my bed with a shovel. haha I wish.

This is going to take up alot of space in my room. It's the second smallest (First place goes to *drum roll* the spare bedroom!) My brothers is bigger then mine! I have two dressers because they are really small, my closet was given two doors, and I have way to many pictures up on my wall. (I'm running out of room!)
It just has such a small feeling but It's cozy so I'm fine with it.


(When i was typing out my name I accidentally put Larzy....just one letter away from Lazy)

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been a while

Okay so i haven't posted in a while but I have been busy.
Tonight I will see what my new show will be for marching band!
I ammm waaaaaaaaaayyy Too excited for this! AHHHH!
Okay so I may be on a sugar high, and listening to kuroko no basuke character songs but you know blame shaymingirl!
Alright so I was doing a movie review last night for AP world history and my mom wanted to read it because it was a movie we watched together (Life is beautiful)
we watched the italian original with subs btw
anyways so i said yes and she kept trying to correct my work then asked me if I plagiarized it?!
Me?! I am too prideful for that kind of stuff!
Was it because I used the word Invective?
well geez I have a vocabulary you know!

Alright so why is it that these basketball players have freakishly beautiful voices? Like really?! Turn the show into an anime of a boy band that plays basketball in their spare time! Like "oh! Hey! It's the basketball team! Wanna join a band? It's like the knew fad! All your rivals are doing it and you can sing!" Like really have you heard Kuroko sing?! It's practically inhuman I was freaking out the whole time! AHhhh Like really! Ugh! I can't stop rambling!

I can't stop fangirling it is too unhealthy to be this infatuated with a bunch of people singing!

errrr there is only an hour till I know what this year's show is! Maybe that's the source of my sudden rush of adrenaline! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( i didn't hold that key)

See you next swim Time!

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Tagged... again haha

I was tagged by RinMustang22...Thanks. 1. Thing you can never leave the house without- a ring on my right middle finger. This object tends to change every year. This time it is a ring, last time it was a necklace, and befor...

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