Random Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a monster in a game? Of course! and have you ever wondered why the @%$&*#^@* peanut butter won't stick to the stupid banana and when you do get it you accedentally (hope i spelled that right) scrap off half of it!But its all worth it! That is, unless you cut the banana so bad that you end up with mush!
Now for some REAL thoughts: Why do I have to do my summer reading project even though only part of it has been done for a while now and I have been stalling this whole time? Well... That is none of your bee's wax!

Now for my second set of random thoughts:

Ladies and Gentelmen(however you spell it)Boys and Girls
This is... the End!

And for this special occasion a peice of a picture I drew and edited myself!
Oh crap it won't load! AH well

Notice how I can't spell
and I hate rolly chairs now because i rolled over my big toe!

Notice that this picture has been shrunk and cropped to fit the post.